Photo Report: StanceNation Japan G Edition 2017

Despite its name and world wide reputation, StanceNation Japan G Edition is known as one of the most vibrant and diverse displays of Japanese car culture.

While most people associate stance with ridiculous camber and non-stop scraping,

and let me reassure you - there is a lot of that here too, StanceNation Japan tends to gather each and every sort of sub-culture from entire realm of Japanese car world.

From the awesome tuned cars,


Drift machines,



And Supercars.

And then, there was this, something from the 80's era of rebelous street racers.

These shows never go without a bit of humor,

or things can go into full bizarre mode in a form of this post-apocalyptic vehicle-type-thing.  Yes it moves and has a license plate.

Some examples were very unique and creative.  This Nissan Sunny Truck with Hakosuka fascia was perticularry interesting.

Of course there were plenty of pure performance projects such as this R35 by Charge Speed.  I find it fascinating how these R35 projects are evoliving over time as new technology becomes available.  I am certain we'll cover more of this at Tokyo Auto Salon

We will also cover this: The First LC500 to hit the tuners.  This beauty was slammed on a set of 22 inch wheels and via custom made air suspension system.  More details in just few weeks, so stay tuned!

Or how about this homage to our fallen hero's Skyline GTR?  This Fast and Furious 2 themed R34 is probably on of the best big screen replicas ever made.  Being based on actual GTR rather than lower end GT models is a bonus.

Real heroes of the days were these ladies, because despite the ridiculously cold day they seemed to be happy about ditching the warm outfits in favor of SoCal look.

So without further ado, what I have here is a massive photo gallery, which will be soon follwed up by part 2 dedicated to BMW's at the event.

So get your popcorn out and start scrolling, because some of the rides are absolutely insane!




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