I Have Officially Enterered my M3 Into a Rally

Hello World, or should I say World X?

World X Series Rally to be precise. For those who don't know yet, World X Enterprises is a global luxury rally network hosting events in Australia, India, South Africa, Europe, US, and now in Japan as well.

For me the journey started late last year when I wondered into what can only be described as "supercar heaven",

also known as Tokyo Supercar Day, co-hosted by same group as brought the recent event in Fuji Speedway.

I finally was able to meet Tokyo Supercars KK, and conversation went into evident lack of rally events in Japan,

where the next thing they said was "there is one next week"

So I packed my gear, went over to Hilton Tokyo and saw this....

Yes, there was a legit rally just about to unfold from Tokyo to Osaka.

I joined the crew on the start line,

and the following week Conrad (the man behind the whole organization) for a lunch in Shibuya,

and things have not been the same ever since.

Truth be told, I am extremely passionate about this project and here is why: I think a rally is one of the best thing that can happen to any high end luxury car owner.

For what it's worth, it is a unique way toy spend time with your pride and joy that you worked so hard for, and this has been on my bucket list quite some time.

Surely taking your Ferrari to local Starbucks

or Lamborghini to a car meet to prove your rock star status is a lot of fun

but none of this bonds you with your car as much as a rally does.

Unfortunately, these kind of events, despite  ridiculously high number of luxury cars, and numerous car clubs are quite rare.

I find lack of rally culture in Japan quite inapt and I have since teamed up with Conrad Wall, founder of World X Enterprises to fill that gap.

The result of that little lunch meeting was everything I could hope for, and for Japan's second World X Series Rally we have a challenging course, awesome hotels and amazing cars,

We even going to have a night pre-event with world's most famous Lamborghini crew!

Plus, a couple of YouTubers to tell the world that rally culture in Japan is now a real deal.

I am proud to be a part of it, but I knew that the M3 needed a bit work,

henceforth, a full detail, paint correction with Keeper Labo glass coat

and a set of Rays G25 wheels

sized 19-9J in front,

19-10J in the rear

to slightly alter the image of the car, and make it noticeable in the supercar crowd.

Huge shout-out to Otsuka-san at Check shop http://checkeuro.sub.jp/ for having his guys install the wheels, and to Daibutsu Works https://www.daibutsuworks.com/ for having them restored to prime condition.  Amazing work!

World X Japan starts on Saturday April 13 2019 at Hilton Tokyo Bay and will take us across Japan to Miyoko, with a detour to Hakone.

Rally will finish Sunday night at Kobe.

Please come out to see us or follow the events on Instagram:

motorflair: https://www.instagram.com/motorflair/
StevesPOV: https://www.instagram.com/stevespov/
Ayesh Online:https://www.instagram.com/ayeshonline/
WorldXSeries Rally: https://www.instagram.com/worldxseriesrally/
Hashtag to follow: #worldxseriesrally

Hope to see everyone at start line!




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