I Went to See Some Supercars, but This Happened....

Not so long ago I received a notification that All Japan Supercar Club was throwing a mega car meet at Fuji Speedway.  It's been quite a while since my last visit, so I packed up my camera gear, and took off.

Before I found all the supercars however, this happened.  Before me was beautiful Mount Fuji - the symbol of Japan in all in snow capped glory, combined with clean air and perfect weather you just could not have asked for a better photo opportunity.

Needless to say, supercars had to wait.

For those who've been following me, you may have noticed the revised look, achieved via plastidipping the now 4 year old TE37 Tokyo Time Attack wheels,

which began showing signs of age,

As a bit of spoiler alert, they will be coming off soon, and replaced with something more trendy.

This should be ready sometime next week, but for now..

Let just this view sink in...

On to the supercars now!




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