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Lack if updates can mean many things these days, but please rest assured that I am not dead and haven't given up on cars, it's just I've been very very busy with work, family, moving into new home, and among many other things I spent two weeks in London on a business trip.

As for any car guy visiting the capital of Unighted Kingdom can only mean one thing - car spotting!

Many things were going across my mind as the plane was taxing onto runway, giving me a whole new perspective on Wangan Expressway that I've traveled so often on the way to Daikoku PA.

The flight itself turned to be uneventful, yet quite emotional as it was hard to hold back the tears at the final scene of Furious 7.  Please Paul, do a U-turn!  Join me on a feel plane....

The car spirit in me was kept well in check as when I entered my hotel room and switched on TV I saw this.  Good old Richard Hammond told me exactly what I needed to hear, so I took my camera and headed out.   I knew I needed to go to Knightsbridge, and i knew how to get there, 

but I had hard time finding the bust stop, so I stumbled across this display of old Mercedes SL300 at one of the shopping arcades.

Not far from it, in nice neighborhood of Spitafields I stumbled across this ultra clean gorgeous looking +Porsche  930 Targa.  We love old school Porsche's here in Japan, and this was quite a fine example!

Soon after, in the same quiet neighborhood - the roar of thunderous V8 as +Jaguar F-Type Coupe woke up entire neighborhood.  There are quite a few of those wondering around their homeland.

Shortly after I was finally on the bus, headed towards the neighborhood of rich and shameless
Even in London I never tend to forget how we do car spotting in Japan.  Costa Coffee at Bond Street provided a wonderful brew and a spectacular view.

Next stop - I was there...

Good old Knightsbridge!

And looking at what people were driving totally blew my mind!

How often do you see a Gold Ferrari 458 Italia?

or a Canary Yellow +Bentley Motors  Continental GT

Followed by more +Ferrari 's
with some actually making themselves heard,

while some rare ones were making themselves visible.

 When it comes to customized cars... Let's just say I felt overwhelmingly home sick when I saw this...

My prayers were answered... +Nissan  R35 GTR in the flesh!

However, this perfectly done M6 dropped on set of 20 inch wheels made me keep faith in British aftermarket scene...

 Yes, +BMW! They certainly love them in London.

with most of the M cars being present around +Harrods

This convertible M4 got my attention, not only because I am a huge fan of F80 series, but because to me seeing a drop top M4 is somewhat of a special occasion.  You see, to this day +BMW Japan refuses to sell convertible  M cars (except for M6) in Japan.  We never had drop top F83, E93, or E46 and that's a damn shame!

Taking pictures of all those cars made me realize how photogenic city of London actually is. Colors and mood are extremely camera friendly, while old buildings and structures combine for perfect composition. 

Weather conditions can bring a bit of a challenge, but with awesome cars like these, I am prepared to shoot all day and all night!

I just love the shape of the new +Mercedes-Benz  +AMG GT!

But the classic SLS AMG is the the car to get due to its exclusivity and a giant 6.2L V8 in the front

Onto this  Soviet Era Volga GAZ 21M, which I simply could not walk by without take a few shots.

+Lamborghini is definitely a prevalent car in this part of London...

Now for main event.  The sighting of this  +LAMBORGHINI AVENTADOR SV was my first one ever.  We do have our first one being registered in Japan as I type this, but seeing one in London a month in advance was definitely a privilege! 

As was seeing and hearing this gorgeous +Porsche 918 Spyder! What an amazing car!

Finally, the money shot! +Ferrari La Ferrari, and the first ever hyperar - the +BUGATTÄ°  Veyron!  

Thank you for reading, commenting and following, I am sure we will have more updates going forward, until then, check out the bonus gallery below!  

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