Tokyo Saying Good-bye to Paul Walker

Entire world of motoring and entertainment is still in shock over what happened in Santa Clarita on the afternoon of November 30th.  We lost our idol, a partner in automotive world, and an all around nice guy Paul Walker.

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Although mostly known most for his role as Brian O'Conner, to entire automotive world he was like a brother, sharing the passion for engined beasts; in particularity the Nissan Skyline GTR.

We figured there could not be a better sendoff than getting a few JDM machines together on sunny Saturday morning and have a few car guys interact,  So with few FB posts and help from Shin Inoue of MB INOUE ASSOCIATES INC we got ourselves a car meet

Paul Walker was not as popular in Japan as other famous celebrities, due to Fast and Furious movies having somewhat of a  a limited following, but those who did, loved the series.

Every year at Tokyo Auto Salon there was a booth displaying customized American cars while playing sound tracks and clips from the movie, luring a big crowd and setting the mood to entire floor.

People who loved the series adored Paul and came from as far as Hiroshima to join our little gathering.

The turnout wasn't massive as many had to cancel due to heavy traffic, but where we came short in quantity we made up in quality.

This late arrival by Spec V R35 just proves the point

as did this left hand drive import from the US, with a rare inconel exhaust and tuned to over 600 HP.

But it wasn't just the GTR's as anybody with passion for cars was invited.

And with few other meets happening in the same area.... noon Daikoku was absolutely rocking

More and more people were arriving...

...and populating the spots with their hot rides.

Soon I couldn't even tell who was part of our meet as everyone was walking around across entire parking area checking out different rides.

There was no shortage of uniqueness, as this one of a kind Toyota Chaser Tourer with custom paint and giant wing.  Why doesn't Toyota make cars like this anymore?

As there was no shortage of exclusivity with this aggressive Lamborghini Diablo GT.

Of course, the meet drew attention of Dino from Speedhunters who took out his R34 for a spin.  Red shoes with blue outfit - it doesn't get more Italian than that!

Contrasting the Armani of the GTR's was this Spec V R35 with gray wrap and black rims. 

After more chit-chat and photo shoots we went out for a cruise on the famous Wangan express way, which also involved everyone opening up the throttle for some tunnel music.

The imported LHD R35 from above got entire crowd going when he went full throttle.  The custom inconel exhaust system resonated so loud I thought we were going to have a cave-in, but while the tunnel remained in tact, my ear drums went numb.

Soon we arrived to Tatsumi PA for one more photo shoot with a different backdrop and eventually wrapped it up on good note that we should do these meets more often.

So there you go, Mr. Walker, this one is for you!  On behalf of entire Japan's car scene, all GTR owners, and general petrol heads, I thank you for being.... well, one of us really. 

I hope that you are watching from above as car people across entire world unite and have the biggest meet of them all! From sunny California, to Far East, we thank you for being a true car guy, and introducing Brian O'Conner to the world as the extension of your true self!  May your legacy live on for generations to come!




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