Mercedes Benz SL63 AMG -- Your Retirement Fun Mobile.

We get old - that is the most undesirable and inevitable part of life; like it, hate it, we have to face it, and  the best way to to handle it is to accept it; but nobody says it is impossible to have a blast doing so.

Especially if you have one of these at your disposal: 2013 Mercedes Benz SL63 AMG. Summarizing this car in one word is a daunting task as it manages to do many things, and do them very well.

It's a two door coupe...

no wait, a convertible, sports car, luxury cruiser... Well, you get the drift.  The car multitasks as well as any German Mercedes Benz employee!

Even though it fits only two people, it will deliver a whole variety of usefulness, fun, safety and comfort to those two occupants to many years!

Looks, however is not this car's stronger point.  Surely the aggressive AMG body kit with 19 inch alloys sporting this matte Shadow Grey Metallic paint will turn heads, but it seems that when Mercedes Benz designed this car they were in the middle of their overall image change, therefore we see a strange blend of outgoing lines with some new features.

Shape of headlight, LEDs, and front fascia almost seems like it's still work in progress, which is now finalized on current generation cars

When we look at current A-Class, S-Class and upcoming new C-Class we can observe that the roots were planted in the R231.

Whether I would be giving this car another look after I park it in the garage is question that is not easy to answer,

but none of this  matters the moment you open that large door and step inside.

Because you are being treated to absolute luxury spanning all the way from the soft leather designo AMG seats to that alcantara accented multifunction sports steering wheel with aluminium spokes.

Top quality leather spreads all the way to center console and dash board, while all knobs and switches are made from aluminum, which combining with carbon fiber trim gives the car that sporty feel. Since this is a top of the line AMG car there are quite a lot of those switches, as this car comes loaded with features.

With gadgets ranging from radar guided cruise control, parking assist, night vision, and speed sensitive active steering to electronic ride control with height adjustable air suspension this car should keep the owner occupied for many years to come.

All these features combine to generate driving experience with plenty of comfort and entertainment value, while keeping the driver safe and worry-free. 

But where this car really shines is that exuberant hand crafted 5.5L Biturbo engine generating 530 horse power and absolutely ridiculous 800 N·m of torque, which is available from 2000 RPM.  7th gear burnout anyone?

While in motion the car sets the standard for luxury cruisers.  The hard top features excellent noise isolation while air suspension effortless absorbs any nastiness the streets may throw in your way. Seats provide excellent support gently holding you in perfect comfort while helping you maintain concentration on the road.

Ambient lightning in the cabin, opacity adjusting MAGIC SKY CONTROL Vario-roof, and exceptional Logic7 surround sound system complete the ultimate cruising experience. But this car can do a lot more.  I see three switches being most important: ride mode, AMG, and roof.

Flip it to Sport Plus, set transmission to AMG and open that roof, then watch the car burst into life, transforming from old man's cruiser to a boy racer.  Suspension stiffens and drops the car a few centimeters closer to the ground, steering sharpens, and exhaust valve opens and sings a note that will make you shut off that stereo and go look for tunnels while innocent bystanders will run for cover.

The rumble in mid range hits all the right buttons and uplifts your emotions to a whole new level.  Driving is fun!  Retirement is worth it!  Mercedes has nailed it!

So there we have it, behind the rather subtle shape lies the multiple personality friendly monster that can comfort you in posh leather and at the same time bark its AMG throat out at everything around. It may not be for everyone, but I like it. If things like these are still around when I collect my pension check, I would definitely have a much brighter outlook... As a matter of fact, I could retire right now.... I just need the 20 million yen!

I would like to thank Mercedes Benz Connection Tokyo for letting me drive and photograph their cars.

Mercedes Benz SL63 AMG is available from Mercedes Benz Japan starting from 19800000 yen.

Cost of Ownership:
This is a high performance machine with massive engine up front and very expensive tires in the rear. All components are top end, so expensive to maintain, but it's build to last so should not have many nasty surprises.

The car lacks rear seat, but can be of great service to 2 occupants. Lots of storage in that comfortable cabin as well as large trunk make it a great daily driver.

Cabin Comfort
Being inside is nothing sort of special. Mercedes Benz pretty much gets everything right and then takes it a step further.

Considering the status and price of the car, the looks simply don't live up to it.

Fun Factor
The car can be absolute hoon, but at the same time put no effort into doing so.

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