Rare Toyota 2000GT Destroyed by a Tree.

It is always sad to see cars of historical value get destroyed, especially when incidents are not caused by road accidents, but forces of nature.

Today, car community of Japan is saddened by the loss of a priceless Toyota 2000GT, a few of which I was lucky enough to have an encounter with on several occasions, such as this photo shoot in Daikoku.
Source: Twitter

The unsuspecting 28 year old driver of the classic who sustained injuries to his limbs was traveling on Route 156 in Nanto City Toyama Prefecure prefecture as the decaying tree collapsed onto the car.  Judging by the Images, the road is a typical Japanese mountain pass that is always enjoyed by car enthusiasts.  It is close to impossible to calculate the odds of something like this happening, but I guess mother Nature did not take statistics at school.

Source: Twitter
The damage to the car looks horrible, but if there is a way to put it back together I am hoping that it will be done! 

Story in Japanese: http://www3.nhk.or.jp/news/html/20140608/t10015061091000.html




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