Offset Kings Part 1 - The Appetizer

One thing that us, car guys are known for is our lack of patience.  We drive fast, we overtake anything in front (or try to), we take a long and pointless detours just to avoid being stuck in traffic, and when there is a massive car meet coming to town, we must have that "preliminary meet" a couple of days before, because we just can't wait!

Thus, on the eve of the weekend of MotorGames hosted at Fuji Speedway, featuring Offset Kings as one of the events, all the stance guys made their to the famous Daikoku Parking Area to meet, greet, hang out and take lots of pictures.  Almost as if there was some strange script or the will of Car Gods, the rain have stopped and the sky cleared for a couple of hours allowing everybody to have a great time.

Undecided whether to go or not until the last minute I arrived at already pretty full parking lot; after circling around for a short while I found a small group of BMW's to join.  Unlike other meets, this time imports were an absolute minority...

..with most of the rides being heavily modified domestics representing all generations

Of course this was all about stance, making this wide body S14 feel right at home.  I am sure it will raise a few eyebrows within the performance orientated enthusiasts, but nobody could argue with its sense of presence.

That said, this is Japan, and no event is single themed.  Where there is style, there is always substance, as this beautiful R32 Nissan Skyline GTR was demonstrating in slightly unique way.  Notice the steering wheel holding the hood?  Why?  Because...I simply don't know!

Combination of substance and style has gone a long way in Japan and is even more evident when it comes to JDM classics, as we have seen at Nostalgic 2 Days event in February.

The example here did not disappoint in presenting this perfect balance, as inside that clean body was a true engine masterpiece.  The SR20 was fitted with beautifully crafted individual throttle body setup as well as custom headers connecting to high flow exhaust system.

Needless to say, classics have a great following in Japan and there would be a few present at any car meet.

But as with anything, Japan's ability to blend things, the awesome mix of new and old is seen here with 2 classic cars sandwiching a new 86, which was sitting on kyusha orientated Watanabe wheels! 

Unique looks and aggressive stance is what this weekend is all about, and if there is one guy that knows how to do it right it's a Shingo.  We first met briefly at the new years event here at Daikoku and after months of social media chatter I finally got to check out his ride.  His Subaru Legacy BL is always worked on with the latest addition are these custom made fenders, which he built by himself. 

When it comes to modern cars with already plenty of power the looks take priority as with this 35 Skyline, known as Infiniti G35 outside Japan.  The owner's choice of wheels may be unorthodox, but the work that he did on the interior is spot on, with entire trim being rebuilt and seats finished in custom black leather with yellow stitches. 

As in any scene, things do get a bit odd as some owners tend to test different levels of extreme...

... and go beyond.  My jaw dropped as I saw this creation for the first time as I had no interpretation or description for this Porsche looking monster.  Long and high front-end indicated that it was something else, which brought a sign of relief as about the last thing I wanted to see was a Porsche with suicide doors.

Enough of that I thought and moved on to something that is done so right it should be made like this in the factory.  There is something about big VIP sedans sitting on light weight performance wheels like these BBS LM's  that makes them feel complete.  

Wheel matching goes a long way in this country, which is home of some of the best aftermarket alloys known today.  As it has been been proven, there is no car that can look bad on red Volk Racing TE37's!

There were many more awesome rides to look at but unfortunately it started to rain again forcing me to cut the photo session short.

But regardless, the turnout was great and definitely set the tone for MotorGames and Offset kings, which I will be covering in next few updates, so please check back soon!

As always, thank you for reading, everyone; don't forget to comment, share, and follow!




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