Motorgames 2015: Offset Kings Japan

Every time a stance event is hosted in Japan I tell myself that it will be same thing over and over again, as logically, there can only be that many stanced cars in this country, but as Motorgames rolled back in Fuji Speedway I was proven wrong once again as Offset Kings has delivered something new and fresh.

As seen last year, Motorgames is a well organized automotive festival hosting several events over course of a weekend where different races, meets, and events promise to deliver something for everyone.

Several big players co-sponsor, organize, and participate in the event.

Liberty Walk being one of them saw this as marketing opportunity and showed up with a massive fleet of demo cars. 

While Liberty Walk's partner, TRA Kyoto brought a few machine's of their own.

With this Rocket Bunny S13 being Kei Miura's own.

326 Power, who's RCF rocked Tokyo Auto Salon were here showing off another version of the 86.

As we follow Motorgames to parking lot behind the main stand where Offset Kings show is taking place we see even more cars making their entrance.

As usual, we anticipate a vast variety of styles and approaches, but at the end of the day, Offset Kings Japan is all about getting close to the ground and narrowing that fender gap.

The quick look-around revealed that Liberty Walk is a major player on this side of the show as well.  With Offset Kings being a purely stance event nothing breaks the ice as the wide bodied LB Walk Ferrari 458 presented by BRM Automotive.

An unseen before was the CKV 36 Skyline Coupe, also known as Infiniti G37 or Q60 Coupe.

Although the naming can get confusing, having owned this car in the past I do begin to miss it when its potential is revealed by modifications like these.

All the usual entrants were here as well, setting the tone for the wide body-kit exhibition.

The gorgeous trio of RWB Porsche 993's were here as well.

The boys at Bad Quality who brought us the awesome slammed drift spec 180SX last year wasted no time and installed some mean fenders on their still work in progress S2000. 

This absolutely mad Jaguar XJS by Universal Air Suspension is one of the most talked car from Tokyo Auto Salon.

It is not unusual to see R35 GTR at stance events as variety of wheels and body kits can really transform the car.  Skipper Auto went for a moderate extended fenders and collaborated with Work wheels to produce a perfect balance of aggressive stance and excellent street performance.

All sorts of cars are getting the fender flair treatment but fitting them on a 350Z is still quite unique.  Skipper Auto went for the modern look and installed 370Z face and 20 inch Work CR9 Kiwami wheels finished in custom pink color.

Or how about rolling into Fuji Speedway with no fenders at all? This Z32 is still work in progress, but the open wheel look tells a lot about tire fitment and their size. 

This, however is where everybody just stopped as the sound of simultaneous jaw drops resonated around Fuji Speedway like a cat-less backfire.  Kei Miura has exceeded expectations as he converted a mediocre looking S14 Silvia into what can only be described as JDMI mini-muscle car.  With this particular owner deleting both front and real bumpers and fitting drag-spec rubber the car looks even more sporty and aggressive.

As expected, the JDM scene is thriving around events such as Offset Kings as people hare always eager to blend form and function for ultimate result.

This is why creations like these are possible and 27 year old S13 looks as good as new.

The tuned SR20 engine is known for its upgradeability and owner here took full advantage of it.

This is why the S15's remain so popular as well; with its timeless design and availability of after market parts the last generation of Nissan Silvia's are one of the most sought after cars in Japan.

It was good to see a few Z32 being present as well.  When we talk about timeless designs, it's hard to omit the beautiful 300ZX. 

From modern era of the JDM this CKV 36 Skyline on pink wheels definitely stood out

as did the VIP version of the R35 GTR.  Not everyone would agree with this style, but it does look clean without the spoiler.

For utility lovers this slammed Subaru Outback with factory fender flair should do the trick.

When it comes to sports wagons, Germans are untouchable, and this 3-series BMW explains why.  Sitting low on Work wheels it looks very modern and aggressive.

When it comes to stance, nothing can beat the E36 on classic BBS wheels.

I guess the E46 M3's are getting pretty cheap for a time being so owners are willing experiment with them.

The strange narrow exhaust pipe replaces the elegant quad tips and produces a race-car like noise as result. 

We have come across this gorgeous F30 previously, which is now sporting an M4 bumper and a set of 20 inch Work Zeast St1 wheels.

The pre-LCI E90 may be showing signs of age, but there is nothing that a set of lowering springs and 11J wheels can't fix.

Then there was this.  I really don't know how to describe it, so I suggest you do what I did, just stare in disbelief.

The bug fever was running hot during this event and I caught a few quite interesting ones.

I would never consider myself a fan of VW Beetle, but there is something about approach and execution that gives this classic people's wagen a whole new "cool" factor.

From the latter generation of middle class car of choice to the Golf MKII.  Back in the day it was pinnacle of modern technology.  Today, we just slam it on a set of unique wheels.

What was even more unique was this De Tomaso Pantera, carefully restored to its showroom condition and tastefully customized to suit modern performance needs and visual styles. 

Perhaps it is now time to cover some of the stranger machines in this event, starting from this rusty-looking Toyota pickup-up,

and this luxury Nissan Cima (aka Infiniti Q45) converted to a oni-camber convertible. 

Japenese are full of talent when it comes to making mediocre cars look pretty amazing, as with this slammed on RAYS Gram Lights 57C6 wheels Nissan Juke...

Or take a completely different approach and blend hot rodding with some JDM finesse by taking a boring Honda Fit, chopping its roof and slamming it on a set of DUB's.  Why Not?!

Then, there is always a method to confuse everyone by a creation that redefines oddness.  To this day I don't know what is the original car, and it's things like this what makes JDM stance shows so awesome.

Overall, we had a great turnout for this year's offset kings.  Some cars return from last year, but significant presence of new cars, styles, and of course awesome people make me look forward to the next one!

Thank you for reading everyone, we will return with more Motorgames coverage in the next post featuring Formula Drift Japan. Until then, please check out bonus gallery below and don't forget to comment, follow, and share!

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