Tokyo Motor Show Part 2 - The Imports

Tokyo Motor show is all wrapped and done, giving us the opportunity to reflect on some of the cool cars and concepts I came across during the event. Part 1 was dedicated to the local brands, so here in part 2 we will see whether the Import brands had anything to show for.

Surprise of the the show was that Volvo decided to sit this one out, giving more floor space to the German and English manufacturers.

Which they have taken full advantage of, with the English making a strong appeal with the debut of the F-Pace to the Asian market

which was ironically positioned next to Range Rover- the godfather of everything off-road.

A part of space outside the exhibition halls were given to the Italians to show off the new Abarth and Alfa Romeo 4C Spider, but neither the Giulia, nor the Italian cars we all care for were anywhere to be seen.

If anything, Tokyo Motor show could use a few super-cars... Well, to be fair, there had one just to wet everybody's appetite.

Yet, if anybody takes Tokyo Motor Show with all seriousness it deserves, its' the Germans. By taking such huge bets on the show that doesn't have a whole lot going for it when compared to LA or Frankfurt, they are presenting themselves with opportunity to bring around new models and surprise us with new occasional unveils and concepts.

Audi has displayed then new Prologue Allroad Concpet powered by a duet of turbocharged V8 and an electric motor combining for 724HP.

As well putting emphasis on their Plus performance line-up.

There is something so appealing about lowered ride height, big wheels, and carbon fiber bits on the big and powerful S8.

But if there would be only one Audi that really matters, it has to be the R8.  The car has evolved during its life span yet managed to adhere to the basic principles of delivering high performance attention grabbing luxury super-car for every day use.

Being stricken by environmental scandals,, Volkswagen was quiet about their diesel offerings, instead putting emphasis on the electric and high performance cars.

Golf R? Yes Please!

Mercedes Benz never disappoints.  Perhaps having the most crowded booth at the event they had a vast variety of cars on display.

Japan's premiere of what I can only refer to as re-badged X6 - the GLE.   Strangely, the car appeals to me with its blend of modern style, luxury and fluid lines.  While the one here is representing the new AMG-sport line-up; personally, I can't wait to see the full blown AMG version.

Speaking of AMG, a few of the performance vehicle offerings were displayed up front.  Reminds me that I need to go and drive the new C63 - the car is just so right for Japan!

As a car enthusiast who enjoys the very process of driving and being in control, I try to stay away from the whole notion of self-driving cars.  However, when I saw this, I had to make an exception and give this creation attention it deserves.  The new Mercedes Vision Tokyo is the company's idea of urban transportation.  The car is powered by hydrogen fuel cell and is equipped  with rotating seats, retractable table and is made feel like you are being moved around in a stylish living room. 

That being said, despite the luxury and prestige, this is not the direction I want to be taken, so let's take a u-turn and head to Porsche's booth. Here you will not find any of the self driving nonsense, but rather a selection of exclusive cars for different tastes and minds that have one thing in common - they are all exuberantly rewarding to drive. 

Why would anyone even consider letting the computer drive the new turbocharged Cerrera 4S, which made its global debut here Tokyo?

Even their new mid-size SUV - the Macan, which is sharing its base with somewhat character-less Q5 has been given the GTS treatment and is now even more sporty and aggressive than ever.  Would you like me to drive?

Finally, the absolutely epic GT3RS. 

With standard GT3 engine being stroked to 4.0 giving it 492HP on top of reduced weight and physics defying aerodynamics the GT3RS is the is the epitome of driving machine and I am thankful that raw beasts like these are still being made.

We make our final stop at BMW and Alpna booths where a vast variety of cars were unveiled and presented to the market that happens to have one of the most dedicated and passionate followers of the Bavarian brand. 

BMW has just released the new 7 series, which has ultimately re-written how luxury cars are being built.

Beneath all the leather, wood, computers, and toys lies the "carbon core" - a construction method where carbon fiber is used to manufacture selected body panels and components making the car lighter, more economical, and more rigid, ultimately enhancing the driving experience.

Will we get to see the M7? With this method of construction, the chances of that happening increase substantially.

But before BMW jumps into new markets, they need to do what have been perfecting for last couple of decades.

It is do deliver a race-ready road legal variant of the car that defines BMW - M4.  BMW has decided that the best opportunity to unveil the M4 GTS was at Tokyo Motor Show.

The car was displayed in frozen space gray paint with striking partially orange wheels and accents emphasizing features unique to the GTS.  On the exterior part apart from front carbon lip and GT wing the OLED tail lights were the most talked about feature.

The interior presents a blend of spartan track car setup and BMW functionality with 8.8 inch high definition LCD, Idrive, and HUD being available alongside race bucket seats, roll cage, and a fire extinguisher.  With only 700 units being made, BMW has just created a future classic.

When it comes to Tokyo Motor Show Alpina is never a stranger in town.  As usual, the tuning brand  has  positioned their display space next to BMW while showing off a set of cars configured with exclusivity and style in mind.  During this show they have unveiled B6 Gran Coupe, Convertible, X5, and B4 convertible. 

Alpina's were always well received by the Japanese buyers looking to set themselves apart from the ordinary BMW owners.  However, with BMW's stepping their game up in the luxury department, the old fashioned Alpina interiors and lack of performance benefits over the BMW may see the brand fall behind.  That is not true in Japan as the exclusive brand tends to be on top of Japanese luxury market.  Despite prices exceeding fully loaded M variants Alpina has managed to maintain their popularity in Japan as their sales have been soaring over last several years.

This wraps up our coverage of BMW and Tokyo Motor Show 2015. Thank you all for reading, following and sharing!




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