Photo Gallery: Cars n Coffee GT Style

It's been a while since we visited Daikanyama Cars n Coffee, but today was quite a special occasion.

The theme was "GT" and any car that has a "GT" in their name was an "honorable guest".

While some some M3 owners had to park outside, the parking lot was filled to capacity with "GT cars".

Or with people who just made it there really early.

Or these guys, since they thought it was appropriate to crash a 2000GT party with a handful of LFA's,

including the Nurgburgring package

Speaking of 2000GT, we were treated with a golden trio of these absolutely gorgeous cars

And while it's very approprate for varrious generations of the Nissan Skyline GTR's to be a at this event.

This 400R that we frequently see in Daikoku stole the show!

GT resonates with Porsche very well as we all love the GT3

And GT3RS!

I loved seeing one in this color, especially because I have recently pickted a miniature 1:43 model in exactly same specs.

But the rear stunner wsa the car next to it:

The iconic Carrea GT in gorgeous Grand Prix White.

I just had to follow toward him down towards the exit to hear that V10 scream as was leaving the meet.

So there we have it.  More unicorns that I could ever hope for on one single morning.

Please scroll down for more picture and check back soon for another update.




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