Back to Posting and Reporting!

For those who know me, you might have wondered if this blog was still alive, but now I can confrim that not only it's alive and well, but I am officially back to posting!

For last few months, unless you are following me on the Instagram, you might think that I have fallen off the radar.

While I was constantly present at events with my trusty old Sony A57, I simply didn't have time to process the images and come up with a story worth your attention.

Real life simply took over as family, job change, and other stuff, with occasional session of Forza Motorsport in between kept me away from the blog.

With job search settled, I feel that I can finally create some more awesome content for the world to see.

So here's what coming:

Shortly, I will post images from Motorfan Festa where we check out some Insane Liberty Walk cars,

And some nice looking BMW's.

Then I will post my thoughts on 2017 Nissan GTR as I got to thrash this beast on Japanese highway.

and Nissan's own test facility (cool!)

We will then visit Daikanyama Cars n' Coffee for a gathering of Nissan GTR's, with one special car taking over the entire show.

We will then return to Fuji Speedway for Ferrari Racing Days.

Which should complete the backlog of the events.

Please return back here soon to check out new content, and don't forget to follow me on Instagram and Facebook.




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