Welcome to 2019 Daikoku Style!

So here we go again, another year, and another mandatory trip to Daikoku PA on January 3rd.

2018 was absolutely hectic for me that is why I could not post as many updates as I hoped for.  I still have lots of content in the pipeline that I will try to roll out in next few months.

But new events take priority, especially if they were as epic as the Daikoku new year bash.

For this year, I also attempted to visit Hanyu parking area for a rather special meet,

however my attempt was brutally violated by a 2 hour delay resulting from 2 event participants failing to share the road.

After wasting half a day, I had high hopes for Daikoku, and alas, my perseverance paid off!

Daikoku has delivered.!

Again, we saw some awesome builds,

Plenty of exotics,


JDM beauties,

American muscle,

clash of cultures,

cool Bimmers,

Some low riders,

and of course the unicorns.

This is a photo gallery type post so I will let the pictures do the talking.

Please take your time and scroll down to view the images.





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