Ferrari's and Tokyo Architecture is What Photographers' Dreams Are Made Of

When it comes to unexpected surprises Japan's car events are unrivaled.

Whether it's a random meet at Daikoku or an unexpected build dominating Tokyo Auto Salon, there is always something for a car enthusiast to cheer about,

So when I woke up to Instagram feed full of Ferrari's parked at Ark Hills office complex, I knew I had to check it out.

What I witnessed was the strangest blend of alienation and swagger one could possibly imagine

The atmosphere created by Ferrari Owner's Club of Japan was a sort of "look at our cars, but you can't look at our cars" kind of ordeal.

While I still question the legality of blocking off a part of publicly accessible square for "private" event or disrespectful behavior by some of the security guards, in reality none of this matters, because even from behind the questionable no entry line the cars looked absolutely gorgeous!

Just look at them!

And before you knew it, this happened!

Slowly the cars were moving towards the exit, presenting a perfect shutter opportunity.

The highlight of the event was this,

The one of a kind, or should I say one of 500 Ferrari Monza SP1,

which was announced for Japanese market on this very event, commemorating late Enzo Ferrari's birthday.

Monza SP1 is practically an 812 Superfast,

sharing all important bits, including the monster V12 engine.

Only 500 will be ever made, and with prices well in seven digits, I doubt that many of them will ever see tarmac outside their owners garage.

Which made this random event even more special.

Regardless of Ferrari Owners Club of Japan attempt to separate themselves from the rest of us mortals, every car-spotter as well as

many friends who I met through sharing the same passion were there doing what we do best -- making private event as public as it possibly can get!

All in all, great day, and fantastic turnout!




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