I Found Some Supercars and They Look Gorgeous!

First signs of warm weather were met by what appeared to be winter's last breath as the day before the event the area of Shizuoka mountains had a bit of a snow storm,

which combined with unusually chilly morning delayed the start of the much anticipated Supercar meet.

Not that I was overly concerned, as I was too busy pointing my camera at other things.  Eventually, I got got what I wanted and made my way to the supercars, where my jaw just dropped.

It seems that everyone and everything was here and on top of that,

since this is not a private event, other clubs and private owners came out for an ordinary track day.

So if you do get bored of looking at supercars,

like that's going to happen,

there were plenty of other cars admire.

I admit, stealing my attention with some of those builds was not difficult.

How about this Millennium Jade Nissan Skyline GTR R34 Vspec Nur2,

Followed by a Silica Breath M Spec,

Midnight Purple III

And everyone's favorite Bayside Blue Vspec II

Not into JDM? How about this absolutely bonkers race bred Corvette, that could silence any of these supercars.

Or could it?

Absolutely amazing to see Carrera GT here at Fuji Speedway

And even better to hear it on the track.

Or how about a road legal 458 Challenge?

 Always awesome to admire pure race car up close and personal

The engine is pretty much same as ordinary 458 with more aggressive tune and high flow exhaust system

Where the car moves away  from its road going version, is its light weight body panels and what Japanese call "ashimawari", which roughly translates to "footwork",

which includes wheels, tires, suspension and brakes.  While tires are road friendly Michelin Cup's wheels are center locked, brakes are carbon ceramics, while suspension

 just look at the this stance!

Look, a license plate!  While I couldn't hear it go around the track, I hope to see it at local Starbucks soon!

Speaking of street legal race car, this thing is Japan's urban legend, and I finally I got to see it in all its glory,

Albeit in environment where it truly belongs....

Another Lamborghini that was stealing everyone's attention was the new SVJ.

Aventador has been in production for 8 years now, and SVJ is the culmination of all little improvements and tweaks that the car underwent throughout its life span.

The most notable features are the dual Performante style exhaust and the beautiful carbon wing.

One car that totally blew my mind however, was this Saleen S7.

My first encounter was with this car was last year at Tokyo Supercar day

This is car is extremely rare, especially this particular turbocharged version,

Especially in Japan.

One of 13 in the world, and only one of 2 in Japan,

And one of 1 in Japan that is actually been driven on regular basis.

Manual transmission, no traction control, as analog and raw as it gets.

The only assist - the car has been down tuned... to about 700 HP.  Let that sink in.

So there we have it, another day, beautiful track, plenty of awesome cars to look at, 

 and one sweet ride to get there.

Please enjoy the rest of the pictures, and please don't forget to like share and follow!




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