Japan Welcomes BMW M8 Competition in Surprise Public Unveil

When I saw the BMW 8 Series Concept for the first time at the Tokyo Motor Show 2017,  I knew I was looking at something special. 

As expected, when completed M850i rolled off the production line just a few months later, it was indeed a thing of beauty, but it wasn't the full blown M car, rather M Performance.

BMW knew that the flagship M car had to be even more special, it had to be faster, more luxurious, and it had to be instantly recognizable as an M car.

Hence the silence and a long wait all the way till June 2019, when the world finally got to see what the fuss was all about.

In unexpected turn of events however, Japanese visitors to BMW Motorsport Festival saw it first, even ahead of the local press, who were probably told to be quiet by the bosses of the Bavarian brand.

I managed to spend a bit of time with the beast, and while I am going to leave it up to Doug Demuro to work out all quirks and features, I put a short video of the car myself:

I am currently playing around with new GoPro Hero 7 Black and Filmora editing software to see if I can make any video content as well. 

Back to the car however.

BMW is trying to perfect their style by following the trends, as can be seen by narrow tail lights,

yet the rest of the lines were kept simple, perhaps in attempt to make the design timeless.

I am almost certain that this car will maintain its striking appeal in 10 years time.

The car here was equipped with carbon exterior package, because of course it would;

and the satin blue paint should also add to the bill.

Starting price for the M8 is whooping 23 million yen.

BMW knew that at that price point they had to deliver uncompromising performance and luxury experience.

It goes without saying that BMW put took it to the next level and this interior is what sets this car apart from its rivals and even from other BMW vehicles.

While maintaining its functional approach where any BMW veteran feels right at home and to certain extend knows where everything is going to be,

BMW took extra steps to make this cabin look extra sexy, cool, and feel extremely comfortable at the same time.  Still to me it did not feel as special and exquisite as Bentley or even S Class Coupe, but BMW's interiors were always functional and intuitive and this clearly was the objective here.

Under the bonnet is a reconfigured version of the S63 4.4L V8 that made its first appearance in the X6 and X6 and more notably in F10 M5. It went through a major update for F90 M5, and after additional tweaks found its way in the M8.

Now it produces supercar slaying 625 HP and 750NM of torque.  I can't wait to hear it though.

All in all, it's an impressive machine, tapping a segment where no BMW was present for quite some time, the car promises to deliver unrivaled driving experience and style to match.  We will have to wait and see how it feels on the road, but one thing for certain: this car is the new BMW flagship.




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