2022 Tokyo Auto Salon Sets Motorflair In Motion

It has been a long hiatus as I was trying to figure out what to do with this project, because let's face it, car photo blogs don't really float anybody's boat anymore so to keep MotorFlair name space active,  a new approach was needed.  In essence we are swapping B for V and kicking this off with extensive Tokyo Auto Salon 2022  coverage on our YouTube channel, that's right, MotorFlair is now on TV, hence the channel: MOTORFLAIR TV.

But don't worry, this page is not going anywhere, and neither does the photography!  
The newly Acquired A7RIII is being put through its paces, and those crispy photos will be integrated into the vlogs!  

Existing format will be followed on Instagram as well, plus you can see some of my work on www.worldxseriesrally.com, www.bmwblog.com,  and www.artoftune.com

As for Tokyo Auto Salon, since you are already here, here are the photos:




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