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Welcome to my blog.  I hope that you will enjoy your stay and will come back for more.

About me: I am an ordinary guy, leading an ordinary life, in working at ordinary job, in ordinary city, having ordinary goals, but none of this matters and will never be discussed here again.

What matters is that I do have an extraordinary passion for cars. I love they way they feel, the way they smell, the way they sound, and they the way they look.  I also like every car that has something extraordinary to offer, usually it has something to do with getting from A to B very very fast. 

In this blog, I am hoping to share this passion with the viewers and bring about hot topics from the Motor City of Far East: Tokyo.  But Tokyo is no Detroit, owning a car in Japan is heavily taxed and regulated, and has always been considered a privilege.  But people are not giving up, they take pride in their possession of vehicles, they make it look good.  To every car owner their cars is their "aisha", literally meaning "lovecar".  It's a part of their life and they are not afraid of showing it off and they aren't afraid of making their cars look different from the next guy, tricking up everything from minivans to super-cars, to trucks.  I don't think there is any city which that has more customized cars than Tokyo.  

You will see plenty of car spotting.  Anything from rare Carrera GT to a crazy customized people carrier. I attend car shows and events, that I will try to report here.  I also occasionally get to drive something interesting, which will bring about a review.  
So stay tuned, and feel free to leave feedback.




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