HKS Premium Day 2014 At Fuji Speedway

Visiting Tokyo Auto Salon is always a pleasant experience as the after-market world of Japan never disappoints.  However looking at the tuned monsters sitting there under the artificial lights while thousands onlookers get in your way is not quite the ultimate experience of the tuner world.

That's where HKS Premium Day at Fuji Speedway comes in.  Being held just weeks after the Tokyo Auto Salon it is the perfect opportunity to come out and witness some of the worlds craziest cars at their natural habitat.

As well as being pushed to the limit at the headlining time attack event.

Proud owners brought their heavily customized vehicles from all across Japan to be shown off at the meet

As well as taken around the track.  We will feature some of the road cars from the HKS Premium Day time attack event in a future release.

But for now, let's look around the parking lot, where a large number of tuned and stanced cars gathered for one awesome photo-shoot.

While stance part of the event will feature a separate write-up, this day was all about tuned JDM machines.

And they came in numbers from this heavily customized R35 sporting Abflug kit, which we also saw at the Daikoku gathering just a few weeks ago,

to this awesome R34 Gts-t 4 Door Skyline modified to and beyond GTR spec. 

Kenneth Blanck's famous R34 tuned beyond 800 horse power by Top Secret was there as well.  The car was also featured at 2014 Tokyo Auto Salon

Over 100 cars were present behind the main stand and each of them had its own story, style, and motive.

It's impossible to cover them all, so we will take it across the track to main paddock area to have a look at some tuned cars and vendor stalls.

Some of the rides were absolutely out of this world so let's take the opportunity and check some of them out.

Varis is a tuner and aerodynamic parts maker that is getting really popular among Nissan enthusiasts. Starting as a VIP targeted brand it slowly evolved into performance market with their very aggressive R35 kit.

On this day they also presented the beatiful 370Z demo car dressed in their new body kit sporting Rays wheels done in pearl blue paint.

While Varis has the image of black on their Demo cars, Ben Schaffer from Bulletproof Automotive had other ideas. How about Lamborghini matte pearl white for a change?

With contrasting carbon fiber roof, hood, and aero it really made this LHD Scion FRS stand out.  Being an ideal combination of performance and style this car was a hit half way around the world at SEMA and it was a great experience seeing it here.

Next to it was something that can be described as pure performance. 

With a turbo the size of wheels on your Prius this absolutely mad R32 GTR was tuned for drag racing.  800 horse power with 100kg.m of torque will definitely get you from A to B very fast, especially if it involves straight line acceleration.

Some more moderately tuned rides such as this supercharged 370Z by Fujimura Auto were displayed for a bit of "down-to-earth" appeal.  Tuned to 432 horse power and 53kg.m of torque it can give the likes of E92 M3 the run for its money.

Perhaps so can this Mitsubishi Evo X tuned by HKS.  With 350 horse power achieved via after market exhaust, ECU remap and intake, combined with rebuilt suspension it's all about delivering ultimate driving pleasure to the owner.

HKS had a number of cars on display but few could grab as much attention as this beautiful R34 GTR.  Stroked to 2.8 along with single turbo conversion it delivers plenty of power while fully redone suspension and brakes make sure it can shed off a few seconds from that lap time.

There were many more cars with designs pushing the barriers of uniqueness to the limit, yet also providing plenty of power do deliver plenty of go for the show.

All around it was business as usual in Japan where famous tuners were presenting their hot new products.

My personal favorite is this concave Enkei RS05RR wheel which blends modern design and classic JDM aggressiveness.  Combing excellent styling with advanced forging methods this is the wheel of choice for tuners across the country.

We will conclude with this awesome Top Secret R35, tuned to over 1000 HP it managed to score and impressive 1'45" around Fuji Speedway.

For their latest demo car Top Secret used the 2012 model as base, painted with unique silver color.  Plenty of carbon fiber parts provided excellent contrast and deliver the visual impact to match its performance.

The engine has been fully redone with top secret usual range of tweaks featuring upgraded turbos, intake manifold and race exhaust.

I plan posting a full feature on this car in the near future.

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