Introducing: The Parademobile!

2014 is definitely having a good vibe, or should I say 'launch' to it.  Now, however things have moved even further as I have picked up a barely used 2009 BMW 335i MSport.

The 4 year old car came in beautiful Le Mans Blue color, which has a pearlescent accent that tends to change tone depending on ambient light temperature and brightness.

Unfortunately previous owner did not bother ticking a single box of available options, which means that car came on funny 17 inch wheels, clear see-through windows, no Bluetooth, and no rear cam.

On the bright side, the car is a excellent project car as I have the vision of it dropped on nice set of 19" Rays forged wheels with carbon rear spoiler and quad exhaust.  As a matter of fact, the first destination was Super Autobacs for that much needed tint.

The car did however come with lots of features that were thankfully available as stock.

Despite lacking things like Bluetooth it comes with plenty of toys to play around.  The CIC IDrive with 8.8 inch high resolution screen is absolutely fantastic, many features can be customized, while many more can be accessed via access port.  Stock audio sounds superb with deep bass and very clear tones.

The car also has HID lights,

Leather heated seats, sports steering wheel wrapped in very soft leather

as well as LED tails.

Most importantly, however, it has the extremely agile twin turbo inline six engine producing 306 horse power and 400Nm of torque.  Newer version of this power plant and can be seen in all current models in the line up from the M135i to Active Hybrid 5 that were featured earlier. 

Despite being a previous generation vehicle, the car is still looking very modern.  Undeniably, BMW designers respect the owners and don not want their cars to look and feel dated as soon as a new model is released. 

This is the face-lifted LCI model of the E90, which received a much welcomed redesign of the front fascia including larger and more round kidney grille, redesigned headlights and more aggressive bumper.

While in the rear the LCI model received LED L shaped tail lights, which look remarkably similar to the ones on current F10 and F30 models.  What did I say about standing test of time?

It's been only a couple of weeks, but I must say that the car is remarkable to own.  From its fairly large trunk, to silky smooth ride quality few cars would suit me better to have in my garage.

It isn't without its flaws however as the after a little snow storm the car simply refused to move and the same run-flat Bridgestone tires that had zero traction in the snow are very rough and noisy on the highway.  Fuel economy isn't that great either, but apart from that and a couple of missing options, the car is a blast. 

That about sums it up, but I will feature more on this car as I install upgrades and take it to some interesting places.   Thank you for reading everyone, please don't forget to share, follow and comment.




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