No More Coffee, But Plenty of Cars!

After discovering the flavor of Tokyo's Cars & Coffee we were left carving for more, so the only reasonable thing to do was to get behind the wheel and drive 20 KM South to the renowned Daikoku Parking Area in search for more motoring action.

As soon as we arrived we knew that this day was not going to disappoint as cars of various generations could be seen throughout entire parking lot.

I guess it's a universal paradigm that to enjoy car life in full, an early start is a must, so despite taking our time at cars and coffee in the morning, we still managed to get to Daikoku early as spaces were just beginning to fill up.

The Ferrari gathering has definitely set the mood for this event as we saw great variety of the famous sports cars customized to many tastes and styles

Words like "hater" do not exist in Japanese language and the local enthusiasts take full advantage of that! Want to slap gold stripes on a 458? Sure, no problem, nobody will ever say anything negative about it, and that's a good thing!

Because how else would you make your Ferrari stand out?

Well, there is another answer:  The F12!  We already saw this beautiful pearl white Ferrari F12 here at Daikoku, but then there was a bit of a surprise...

As next to it, there were two more F12's painted in pearl black! Well, you can forget about standing out, looks like these overpowered monsters are flying off the shelves! 

So I guess it's just a matter of time until we see some custom work done on the F12 too.

Of course every Ferrari owner must consider security measures to protect their beloved possessions from overzealous photographers.  That's where the tow harness comes in!  Thank God that beast was on relatively short leash, because ever photographer approaching a 2 yard radius was violently barked at!

This time Lamborghini owners did not come in such large numbers as we have seen them in the past, but they surely got the quality.

How often do you get to witness a Diablo GT driving around in the wild?

Porsche's popularity is unrivaled in Japan.  There are so many of them on the streets that it comes to a point where even die-hard car enthusiast stops noticing them. Unless it's a GT3 Carrera Clubsport in shiny pearl white color, racing brakes and full roll cage.

Classic Porsche's like this 930 also enjoy heavy presence and exceptional care by the owners.  Looking at how clean the car is and how it perfectly sits on set of BBS wheels it's hard to believe this car is 30 years old. 

But the epitome of Porsche's design is this: The 997 GT3RS.  It is truly amazing to see this track ready car roam the streets like this.

After seeing the classic S2 Lotus Esprit at the morning Cars & Coffee we just wished for more of the same, and we weren't disappointed after seeing this gorgeous metallic blue S4 parked in the back.

There are many ways to show off the marvels of British engineering, but not many I can think of are better than this Aston Martin Vantage S.  With 565 horse power produced by a massive 6L V12 this car will eat most of super-cars for breakfast, while maintaining the style and comfort that always gave Astons that aristocratic image.

From one Island Nation, to another: the JDM boys showed up with their usual arsenal ranging from the 90's classics..

to a Gozilla on steroids.  This Abflug kitted R35 is attending every meet and he's got a lot going for him.  Like I said, haters are not welcome in JDM land.

Looking at all these fantastic rides I almost forgot that the day started with Tokyo's vintage collection, so it was only a matter of time when cars from earlier eras started to appear.  While this AC Cobra is most certainly a replica it does show the best of what Japanese  custom car world has to offer.  Beautiful paint job with perfect stance and range of performance upgrades make this car one of a kind.

Build, not buy, so they say, but it really doesn't apply when you can get one of these.  While nothing screams "car collector" like a well polished Ferrari Dino, the Alfa Romeo Montreal is as rare as it gets.  With less than 4000 ever made until production seized in 1977, this Italian 2.6 L V8 screams passion and performance.  At this stage I could say, they don't make them like this anymore, until....

Entire Daikoku area just stopped!  Stopped and stared as 2 of the worlds true motoring icons just rolled in as if we were back at the Nostalgic 2 Days event! 

Having seen some insane and rare cars here in Daikoku, nothing can compare to the legend of auto manufacturing, and it was here! with license plate, on highway! Just driving around in its original state.  Now if that doesn't make any petrol head's day, I don't know what does!

Next to it - the American attempt at building a sports car.  While a bit short in performance numbers when compared to European icons of that era, the C1 Corvette has undeniably gained it place in history books.  Looking at it now, its difficult to see whether it was the innovations for the time, or just its gorgeous looks.

Just as we thought it doesn't get more vintage, the all original Jaguar E type has arrived.  For many, this was the only car that matters, some even say that this was the first real mass produced sports car.  

Indeed, this was an amazing classic car turnout regardless of the fact that not many guests from the T-Site decided to head over to Daikoku. 

But the meet doesn't end there as on the opposite side, the word "weird" was given a whole new meaning... But a donked Lexus was not it... 

Weird is now officially known as something I "donnot-even-know-what" powered by a V8 engine,

and resembles a scooter, a bike, and a minivan at the same time.. Styled like a blend of hot rod and a yankee truck. 

If I had to pick one car though, it would be this Audi.  The new Audi RS6 with a 4.0 twin turbo engine producing about 560 horse power, can rival some of the quickest cars out there.  Roof rack, 20 inch 2 piece forged TSW wheels wrapped in snow tires indicate that this car is seeing lots of road time!  With McDonald's cup still visible in the holder, and blatant disregard of entire Japan taking their garage queens to a wash that weekend, this car just screams attitude, which only makes me believe that the car is used for its purpose.  Owner is driving the hell out of it and is having a blast doing so.  Personally, I can't wait to see what wheels he has wrapped his summer tires around! 

So there we have it, 2 great meets in one awesome day.  Waking up at 6 in the morning may seem like a nightmare, but for many car guys it's a dream come true!

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