We've Got Stance!

A remarkable step has been taken to make the "parade-mobile" truly live up to it's name.  After all, the only thing worse than rolling on 17's was having the ride quality ruined by the bricks that are known as run-flat-tires.

I was in the market for a new set of wheels for while; from the day we sealed the deal for this car, to be exact.  There seemed to be plenty of options, especially on yahoo auctions, but given the nature of the car and its surroundings my preference lied with JDM style wheels.

So without further ado, I introduce to you: Rays Homura 2x7 wheels sized 19/8.5/+36 in front and 19/9.5/+36 in the rear.

This is what is commonly referred to as "tuner size", which expands the track even further and pushes the boundaries of legal width to the limit. 

Choice of tires was purely "value for money" as I managed to pick up a set of Hankook Ventus K110 with 235/19/R35 in front and 265/19/R30 in the back for a laughable 100 dollars per corner.

 Lowering was executed to perfection by Sunbeam using a set of H&R springs,

while fitment was done by BigFoot Soka-ten.  While the shop specializes in restoring and selling used wheels, they had a set of brand new Homura's just for me.

All around the fitment looked fantastic as myself and the shop staff could not help walking around and taking pictures.

The drop by H&R springs virtually eliminated the annoying fender gap while already present negative camber of stock MSport suspension gave the car a very sporty stance.

The color combination also worked perfectly in my opinion with blue and silver generating an excellent, yet friendly to the eye contrast.

Amazing job by the guys and Big Foot and of course Sunbeam who are known to be excellent suspension specialists for German vehicles in Tokyo.

What came as a pleasant surprise was a significant improvement in ride quality.  Hankook Ventus K110 are known for their somewhat soft side-wall, so despite running a slightly higher pressure as well as decreased profile the ride was soft and smooth.

I did notice a bit of a rub when taking a corner at high speed.  I will need to investigate this ASAP as well as have these wheels coated.  Staying away from curbs is the ultimate challenge in chaotic Tokyo, which is known for its narrow and unforgiving streets.

Overall, I am very excited about the change and after necessary work is done I can't wait to take the car out to some mountains roads.

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