Perfection Achieved: BMW M6 Gran Coupe

Perfection: often defined as a state of completeness and flawlessness, it is everyone's greatest desire and ultimate goal.  Yet, nobody is perfect - so they say, and as a car guy, I can concur; no car has ever been perfect... Until now.

OK, give me a benefit of a doubt, this may still be the first impression, but to this day, every time I see a BMW M6 Gran Coupe I see nothing but requisite of beauty, high art, with a hefty bit of performance, comfort and refinement added on top.

BMW has been on a top of their game with their vehicles targeting vast variety of customers, with the M6 being the epitome of their lineup.  No other car has managed to sum up all best features from the entire model range into one perfect machine as well as BMW has.

Enthusiasts are known to modify their cars to suit their tastes.  From lights, to wheels, to spoilers and carbon fiber bits, this is how we make cars "our own", or simply spot little shortcuts or boring bits that manufacturers didn't bother with. However, when I look at the M6 Gran Coupe, I cannot see anything that I would want to alter. 

There is simply nothing to improve; as a matter of fact, people would want to modify THEIR cars to look like the M6. Quad exhaust, BMW M wheels, halo lights, all those things are very popular upgrades for various BMW models, which people install to make their cars "perfect" or another words resemble the Gran Coupe styling.

Add nice touches with attention to detail executed to finest standards of German engineering and you reach a kind of automotive euphoria that will make you want to sign the deal for this car on the spot.

It is as if they designed this car so it would look busy, there is just no boring spot to be found.

As always, it's those little things that make you fall in love with the car.

Yet this car is a lot more than just little details however, as it manages to absorb attention with overwhelming styling and incredible appeal.

Body lines are sleek and aggressive, flowing roof layout gives the extremely long wheelbase of the M6 its coupe proportions while maintaining comfort levels of a luxury saloon for the passengers in the backseat.

The car sits very low on these 20 inch wheels with rather aggressive for OEM standards offset.  Choice of tires is Michelin PSS measuring 265/35ZR20 in the front and 295/30ZR20 in rear rear

When it comes to two ton performance car capable of reaching electronically limited maximum speed of 250km/h there could be no compromising in stopping power. This particular car came with carbon ceramics brakes as part of the competition package. 

As any BMW this M6 came with variety of bells and whistles, but perhaps most shiny of them were the bright LED headlights.  Beautifully positioned inside the white angel eyes halo's it is hard to find a better designed headlight on the market today.

Interestingly, BMW have been using the same headlight layout for nearly 30 years!  Surely, the technology has progressed a long way, but the mentality, styling and philosophy has remained.

As with most BMW's the car has plenty of trendy features but at the same time it has enough neutrality, making it more likely to withstand the test of time than its rivals.  Perhaps BMW has learned their lesson from the previous generation of 6 series.

The rear design is laid out beautifully combining classical and modern styling.  BMW's typical L shaped tail lights are instantly recognizable and extend inwards pointing towards the center where BMW emblem is hiding the trunk lock and backup camera.

Completing the blend of elegance and passion are the frameless doors.  I've been a long time fan of this feature and I hope that cars like this will rid us of the ugly thick window frames for good. I do miss the days of the hard top sedans!

Stepping inside and we are greeted with driver orientated interior sporting a cockpit packed with toys and features.

Simplicity is not the word to describe this layout, but at the same time everything begins to make sense once you start to understand how things work.

In typical BMW fashion, every switch, every knob is exactly where you'd expect it to be.  There are lots of buttons, but all of them are needed, yet none get in the way.

The cabin in the M6 is a very nice place to be in, with every surface being covered in soft leather and aluminum while all plastic parts coated in shiny piano black finish. 

As always, with luxury comes practicality as the M6 Gran Coupe comes with tons of trunk space.  It is indeed a car you can live with.

While this little M Badge on the steering wheel is a sign that time required to get to Costco will be a lot shorter.

Another indicator of what's hidden underneath all the luxuries and toys are these extended aluminum shift paddles...

that control the state of the art 7 speed DCT transmission, capable of operating very smoothly in comfort and aggressively in sports mode where shift times are instantaneous.  I can't think of any better way to transfer power to the wheels.

And there is a lot of power to transfer.  The massive twin turbocharged 4.4L V8 produces impressive 560 horse power and 680NM of torque, which is a significant increase from 520NM produced by the outgoing screaming V10.

This is not the first turbo engine found in the BMW, but still BMW is relatively new to the technology.  That said, it looks like they've done their homework as engine room is laid out with maximum air flow and cooling in mind.

Oil and air are channeled via their respective piping systems through lots of aluminum components that are required to minimize weight and channel out heat.

So one thing left to do is to see how this blend of technology, comfort and luxury works as a single unit and go for a drive.

Having driven the M5 before, I was expecting a very similar experience, but it wasn't.  Immediately I was overwhelmed by sheer size of this car.  Seating position is low, making it seem even bigger.  While it is ideal for taking corners or cruising around Yokohama highways, I found it to be rather challenging around town.  You do need to mind the size of this car when behind the wheel, but once you get used to it, there are few cars that can match the performance of this monster.

Another thing to mind, however is ... the performance, as even at low RPM that needle loves to climb way into triple digits. Capable of effortlessly doubling Japanese ridiculously low speed limits it is visible how this car can get you in trouble; yet how can anyone resist a bit of a tunnel sprint?

What can I say though; the car drives like a dream. Smooth and effortless on a highway; precise and agile around corners and in the city.  The car redefines joy of driving as it provides a lot of entertainment as well as comfort and stability. 

With all that torque available very low in the RPM range the car is fun to drive as it is predictable.  Handling is configured for precision while the car's perfect balance and long wheelbase contribute to much desired secureness.

If I was anywhere but Japan, this would be the ultimate car, but because it does get somewhat tight around here, these dimensions make it difficult to own, keeping the F10 M5 on top of my most wanted list.

BMW M6 Grand Coupe is available at BMW dealers across Japan for 17.8 Million Yen.
Cost of Ownership:
Let's face it, what we have here is super-car performance trapped in the saloon body.  It will therefore have super-car costs and repairs.  If babied however, the car should last and even be easy on fuel costs.

Multi-personality cars don't get better than this.  Tons of room in the back and roomy cabin make it a perfect family car.

Cabin Comfort
Ergonomics are redefined here, best work by BMW yet.

The car will turn heads, no matter where you go and will have this effect for years to come.  BMW M6 Gran Coupe is nothing short of a thing of beauty.

Fun Factor
The superb V8 up front loves to scream, but with so much power any attempt in entertaining yourself in town is so effortless it may even seem like borderline boring. 

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