Wheel Coating and Night Time Cruise

With new wheels and tires the car has obviously transformed not only visually, but it also became a lot more comfortable, precise, and thanks to those H&R springs, a lot more planted.

I needed to get the wheels coated with a layer protective fluids and for that purpose I headed to Super Autobacs Tokyo Bay.

I had three hours to spend at this car paradise on the West side of Tokyo so what else to do than a bit of car spotting?  From watching customers arrive in their project cars,

 to walking around parking the lot and checking out some of the rides.

This Bronze R34 GTR caught my attention. Sporting Nismo exhaust and front bumper and BBS rims it was definitely a looker as well as power and performance

Super Autobacs is definitely the place where car cultures clash.  Why racing stripes on a van?  #becauseracevan!

As a BMW owner I cannot overlook other enthusiasts representing the brand.  This classic 840i is a fine example of how ageless these cars are.  The Alpina wheels match the red paint perfectly and looking at how shiny and vibrant the color is, I cannot even begin to imagine how much the owner must be spending on detailing this 20 year old car.

Well, as the coating guys at were finishing up with the wheels, it was time to get the keys and hit the road!

I had no desire of just returning home, so I got on the highway and headed to DaikokuPA, where I have witnessed some of the craziest cars, only to find out it was closed by authorities to prevent car people from having a good time.  Regardless of that disappointing fact, I was enjoying my car too much to give up and head home, so after 2 hours of cruising on Tokyo highways I ended up on Tatsumi PA, which gladly accepted all car people craving for some company.

 It was pretty late at night, but people just kept arriving....

I thought it was a perfect chance to snap a couple of shots of my ride.

But after a quick walk around I discovered that there were a lot more rides to take pictures off,

armed with my Sony Nex 6 and a tripod, off I went.

Immediately I was blown away by this amazing looking R34 Skyline GTR.  I don't quite understand the different back/front wheels setup, but the car's stance, cleanness and perfectly done upgrades made it really stand out. 

Maybe not as flashy as the R34 above, these two definitely got it where it counts.  This is a page taken from the old Wangan Racing days; too much nostalgia in this one shot!

As a former Subaru owner I could not walk by this awesome WRX STI 22B.  So much history is with this car, and one more example of how they don't make cars anymore.

And while we are on the subject of the good ol days, it doesn't get more awesome than this.  The S15 Silvia's still have a massive following, which make me think that discontinuing them was one single biggest mistake that Nissan has ever made.

But was it as bad as what Subaru has done to the Legacy?  The BP/BL generation, such as the modified example here were the most successful of the series.  Following the failure of the following generation's and lack of the excitement of the upcoming one, the BP/BL owners must be the luckiest bunch as their cars never seem to lose value. 

But enough of the rhetoric, let's check out some of the rides that arrived for the Z car meet that was taking place.

The Fairlady's always enjoy high degree of popularity in Japan, and while brand-new ones are beyond financial reach for most people, used 350's are very popular among tuners and young enthusiasts.   Although there aren't many cheap ways to extract a significantly more horse power out of Nissan's 3.5L V6, there are plenty of ways to modify the car's visual appeal.

But no matter how hard you try, it is very easy to crash the Fairlady's party: show up in the Skyline GTR.

The R32 has definitely reached the legendary status, and it is always great to see one roaming the streets in its stock form.

Of course there was a spot for R35 as well.  This owner fancied the Nismo look on otherwise pretty stock GTR.  No shame in that as the factory tuned GTR has enough muscle to embarrass pretty much anything out there.

Well, that pretty much wraps up the fund day out on Tokyo Highway.  I am sure this isn't the last one, so please check back for more.  As always, many thanks for sharing, following and commenting!




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