Launching TCP Media

Sorry for the lack of updates, everyone. This have been incredibly busy few weeks involving more photo-shoots, test drives, and all the usual Tokyo Car Parade fun, but more importantly I have launched my photography portal called Tokyo Car Photography Media, which can be accessed here:

As my work began to appear on other sites, I have decided to offer my services in a more professional manner.  There will now be a watermark in all my photos, but due to copy right agreements, not all work that I will be doing for 3rd party will be allowed to be published here.  If this does happen, however, a link will be posted as soon as the work is published.


With first coverage already on order, I am hoping to expand Tokyo Car Parade beyond its original goal. 

Please stay tuned for additional updates, but until then feel free to browse through gallery on TCP Media website.

Thank you for checking back in everyone, please don't forget to comment, share, and follow!




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