The Stance of Nation - Form and Function Redefined

Before we begin our extensive coverage of Stance Nation Japan, I would like to thank everyone for their patience as there have been fewer updates than usual, but there is a good reason for it.  I was asked to work on the first story for a major web site, which will be published very soon.  Once it does, I will let everyone know. 

That being said, I will do my best to keep Tokyo Car Parade going, and without further ado, let's check out what was happening a couple of weeks ago at major event where everything was well... low... very low.

As usual, everything stance in Japan has a substantial cool factor to it.  There are absolutely no short cuts taken, and choice of wheels, well, that's extraordinary on its own.

So we had a bit of something for everything here from hellaflush

To OMG-are-you-serious-flush

To absolute perfection defined in simplicity and style.

Needless to say, stanced and wildly decorated cars were gathering from all across Japan

to once more expose those big shiny rims...

and there were plenty of them shining as bright as allowed by laws of physics.

Some of the rides may recognized from the earlier Offset Kings feature.

Another returnee of course, a regular at these gatherings was this "Bad Quality" 180SX.  I just can't get enough of this car.

My other personal favorite is this Rocket Bunny FRS with a V8 engine.  This machine is so well put together that it should have been like this from factory!

But now, the most challenging decision ever: JDM or Import?

By import I mean the one and only Lada customized and slammed by Red K Garage, as seen first time at Tokyo Auto Salon.

If you are not good enough for a Lada, how about this C63 AMG on TWS wheels and custom vinyl work?

Or this wide Body E90 on 20 inch Sporza Topaz concave wheels.

Seeing an F30 BMW at these meets is a relatively new experience as brand new, these cars have a hefty price tag, but with sales numbers so high, it was just a matter of time until we did.  This gorgeous looking sedan came with plenty of after market toys including a replica M3 front bumper, a rear wing, and a set of SSR Formula Mesh wheels. 

But then again, a quick reminder how well BMW's look on modern JDM wheels.  This E92 on Work Gnosis redefines perfection.

At this moment, I had to run outside and start shooting my own car.  Should I enter such event next time? what do you guys think?

Of course there plenty of JDM options to look at.... but wait. this is left hand drive, an import! I can see how this can be confusing, but regardless, Kei Miura's FRS on new 6666 wheels looks absolutely fantastic. 

As did the 86 dressed in new Rowen International kit sporting a set of Prodrive 20 inch wheels.  Many say that this kit was overdone, but I personally was attracted to its very stylish and modern appeal.

Apart from the custom carbon fiber inlets, it features functional air vents and extended fender arches.  If you want your boxer engine machine look different, this is the kit to go with. 

Speaking of Boxer engines, it was very refreshing to see Subaru Legacy B4 Blitzen edition rolling on Work wheels.  I used to have same generation twin turbo Legacy and it was a great car in every aspect.

However it's the following BP/BL Legacy that remain the most desired ones.  Packed with features, excellent performance and ride comfort, combined with great looks these cars have some of the best resale value today.

And here, ladies and gentlemen we have a case of Saabaru.  Moving on...

to the Brilliant EvoX.  I simply can't believe that this design is 7 years old, and I have even harder time believing that Mitsubishi has killed this brand. 

More of the JDM former glory, looking at this NSX on Rays TE37 wheels I am not afraid to say that this machine is probably one of the greatest cars of all times.  Combination of light weight, power, reliability has guaranteed this car such a vast following.  Of course, just like anything popular in Japan, it was discontinued.  Luckily, we may live long enough to see the next generation of NSX go on sale.

However, whether we will ever see the next version of the S2000 remains to be seen.  There are plenty of rumors on the interwebs, but nobody is certain. 

What is incredibly remarkable, however, is how passionate and dedicated the enthusiasts are about these cars.  The FD has been discontinued for 12 years and this one looks as if it's straight out of the show room.  Except for the Work wheels, RE Amemiya aero upgrades, suspension, and a shocking pink paint.

Speaking of pink, this Toyota Crown came that way out of the factory floor, and for that Toyota gets my respect.  I salute the originality.

But originality can go a long way at events like Stance Nation.  For those who care, here is our own JDM hot rod! 

While here, we have grass roots JDM street racing machine.  The Z10 Soarer has been fitted with all bits and pieces including a front mount oil cooler, silver over fenders and a set of Speedline wheels to mimic the golden generation of Kaido racers.

Of course, as with the rest of Japanese car culture, form doesn't go without function.  This polished and customized 3000L inline six glory has enough go to make sure that this Soarer is as joyful to drive as it is to look at.

And now something from Nationalistic stance!

Perhaps a better way to display some JDM pride is to show off the very aggressive build of the car that put Japanese car industry on the map.  This Fairlady Z has been bullt by Star Road, a shop specilalizing in modernizing vintage Japanese cars.  Some of you may remember my encounter with them at Nostalgic 2 Days.

From old to new seems to be the flow of the show, and this 370Z does not disappoint.  The deep concave wheels with aggressive offset and perfect stance add to the aggressive and modern look of this fun 2 seater.  Many people are speculating about the upcoming replacement, but something in me doesn't want this to happen.  Maybe being behind the wheel of one is contributing to this.

And how can we not notice the Z's sister (or should I say brother) car - the Nissan Skyline Coupe - aka Infiniti G37 around the world.   Having owned this car in the past it always warms my heart seeing one done so well.

It was actually quite a good turnout for the Skyline owners as they were present in vast variety of styles and appeals. 

In general, the VQ37 was very well present.

However VQ is never going to be Nissan's glory's as it's forever been claimed by the RB26.  If not there in stock form, as seen in this 4-door GTT many owners tend to swap one in for all the right reasons.

Discontinuing the legendary straight-six engine is always a tough choice, but Nissan tried their best, and in many ways exceeded expectations,  Those loyal to the RB, however,  are refusing to see the new GTR as a worthy replacement.

The tuners pretty much laughed in Nissan's face in reaction to official statement indicating that these cars were not tunable.  Of course, Nissan has changed their policy since then and are now embarcing the efforts of the tuners at shows like Tokyo Auto Salon.  I do not know however, what they had to say about this monster of a body kit created by Ben Sopra.

Many fans, however would pick something like this instead on any day.  Ironically, this Skyline was not even part of the show, I just saw it quietly sitting at one of the parking lots of Fuji Speedway.  This fact alone grants this car the title of Tokyo Car Parade's ultimate boss!

So there we have it, another awesome event in typical JDM style indicating that here form exists in harmony with function.

Thank you for reading everyone, please don't forget to share, follow, and comment, as well as check out TCP Media site offering my commercial car photography services.

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