Ferrari Racing Days 2014 at Fuji Speedway

Ferrari - a goal in life for some, sheer automotive nirvana for others; whatever image or association it may be, the passion and prestige surrounding this brand is undeniable.
To witness exactly how this passion is blended with lifestyle and performance we went to Fuji Speedway to the annual "Ferrari Racing Days" event to witness some 750 prancing horses in their natural habitat.

After all, seeing these machines parked near Lois Vuitton boutiques or whizzing by a local coffee shop in first gear is getting repetitive, maybe even borderline boring.

Thus coming out to this world renowned track and seeing these metal machines gallop around is a welcomed change and unique experience.

Owners, clubs, and dealerships guided by Ferrari Japan made all the necessary arrangements to participate, and with price tags for owners to have their cars displayed at the paddocks in the neighborhood of $200, this was indeed a special occasion.

I am not sure what exactly 200 dollars out of a Ferrari owner's check book translates to, but it made the event that much more exclusive as some of the most rare and sought after machines were here on display.

Such as this 599 SA Aperta, with only 80 ever made, this is one of the rarest Ferrari's ever made.  Watch this machine go for millions of dollars in about 20 years.

How else can one make their Ferrari stand out? There are various methods to customize a supercar, and with a vast choice of unique and controversial paint jobs this is often the preferred way.  In the world of custom body vinyls, however, all you need to do is choose the perfect color. This owner went for chameleon-matte-pearl-pink-white; whether he got it right, I will let you decide.

Ferrari customization in Japan dates back all the way to the 80's when these Koenig Special Ferrari's were the ultimate dream cars.  My feelings get full of nostalgia every time I see one; and the fact that there are still a few around gets me even more excited about covering JDM car culture.

Not every supercar owner wants to alter the look of their Ferrari's to such extent.  Just fine details of lowering the 355 Berlinetta on ultra light BBS LM wheels can seal the deal.

More modern Ferrari owners are willing to go further with their choice of color and wheels, …

…and sometimes even go to extremes with their choice of body modifications.

But extremes are not extreme enough if no Liberty Walk Ferrari's are around, and for this occasion there was one.  Using the same kit as displayed at this year Tokyo Auto Salon, this car gathered quite a crowd.

Sporting the aggressive wide body kit, duck spoiler and custom pearl black paint this car is indeed one of a kind machine, which despite significant presence of limited edition Ferrari's, was arguably the most unique.

Mission accomplished? Quite so, I must say.

There are other methods of achieving the much desired Ferrari ownership individuality and exclusivity though, such as waiting for the special editions of their production cars.  The long awaited 458 Speciale has finally reached Japanese shores and in person it looks simply staggering.  Japanese love their white cars and I couldn't think of a car that looks better in a pearly shade of bianca tone.

Of course, looks are just a byproduct as this magnificent machine is all about performance.  The lines derived from the principles and technologies of aerodynamics complemented by the 597HP 4.5L naturally aspirated V8 positioned in the middle.  There is simply no other NA engine in a production car that can generate that much power per liter of displacement. 

Perhaps the ultimate way of achieving that elite status when it comes not to just Ferrari ownership, but entire automotive world is to own one of their exclusive cars.

It has been 11 years since the Enzo was unveiled and there are no signs of aging.  I counted a total of 5 of Enzo's at the event, and I know about 3 more scattered around Tokyo. Out of total of 400, 8 (or are there more?) is a pretty impressive number for Japan, but for those who seek exclusivity on a whole new level, Ferrari had something else up their sleeve.

Finally, the Italian supercar maker has unveiled the magnificent ground braking La Ferrari to Japanese public.  With first deliveries to this country starting at the end of this year, Ferrari went out of their way with presentation.  

Perhaps the contrast of this rare yellow color with black bits and matching background enhances the impact of the phenomenal lines and details of this hybrid hyper-car.

Next logical step was giving the keys of the flagship red model to none other than ex Ferrari F1 and current Super GT driver Giancarlo Fisichella,…

…and giving him the opportunity to throw it around the track,

But La Ferrari was not the only machine being taken to the track that day.  Yes, you are looking at Michael Schumachrer's Formula 1 car,

This was one of four F1 cars that were taken to track on that day. These machines are privately owned by individuals who have Ferrari take them to a pre-approved track they desire to have a go.  Ferrari Racing Days was a perfect occasion.

This is very similar to the FXX program that was rolled out in 2005 for privileged owners to have that ultimate race car experience.

Based on the Enzo, the FXX has the same base V12 power-plant, but capacity increased to 6.3L and output enhanced to 809HP and 506 pound-feet of torque.

The F1 owners though get that ultimate Scuderia treatment, except for those sub 10 second pit stops.

Perhaps the main attraction on the track was the fifth round of Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli Asia Pacific featuring Ferrari 458 Challenge EVO machines battling for podium finish..

Ferrari 458 Challenge features the same chassis as production 458, but has light weight body panels and windows, performance exhaust, race suspension and removed interior trim and components among many other race-features.

But its similarity to the road version of 458 Italia is what makes it attractive to owners and fans alike, as after all, Ferrari is all about that blend of performance and passion.

Thank you for reading everyone, please check out more pictures below and don't forget to share, follow, and comment!

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