Celebrating Like a Boss: CarGuy Supercar Party

In the last few updates we have covered some of activities involving group of supercar owners known as "CarGuy" and there is a good reason for it.  Mr. Kimura - the founder of the group has noticed my efforts and asked me to shoot for him on few separate occasions.  One such occasion was a year-end party thrown by Mr. Kimura at Tokyo Palace Hotel earlier this month.

If anybody knows how to throw a car party, that would be the members of the CarGuy group.  Money is no object as they have asked one of the most prestigious hotel in Tokyo to parade their cars in front of the valet as they go inside a have a drink, socialize, and to raffle out 1 million yen in cash.
For Tokyo Car Parade it has been quite a journey from following Mr. Kimura and his crew to Tatsumi PA,

To covering events at Fuji Speedway.

After all, there is always something going on with the group as Mr. Kimura is a true man of ideas.  His desire to impress and share his joy of supercar ownership with the rest of the world has no boundaries.
Come 2015, and I have a vision that Mr. Kimura and his CarGuy group will take the front page, if not the cover of increasingly diverse Japanese Car Culture.

Hence it is safe to assume that the party at world renowned Palace Hotel was thrown to set the tone for the year to come.
While guests like pro race driver Manabu Orido have taken the center stage, for us it was all about the cars as the guests didn't hold back on showing off their rides.

From the previous generation Ferrari's with plenty of custom work done on them,
to the customized with full Liberty Walk wide body kit Lamborghini Murcielago LP670. 

For those who value substance over form, this machine would be the one to check out.  The custom named F460 GT was tuned by Idingpower and presented at Tokyo Auto Salon back in 2009.  With completely reworked brakes and suspension the guys at Idingpower have also gave the high revving V8 a special treatment in form of remapped ECU and bore to 4.6 litters, instantly improving the response time and raising power output to 508 HP. 
Some cars just don't need to be touched, although that's rarely the case.  Somehow I feel that we will be seeing plenty of customized Aventadors in 2015, especially at Tokyo Auto Salon.

Speaking of Lamborghini's, if there was one one that was brought here to attract all of the attention that would be the 2015 Rosso Mars Lamborghini Huracan, which Mr. Kimura just took delivery of. 

Unfortunately the car's location between a concrete pillar and the legendary Ferrari F50 (both cars ended up being hidden behind a line of limousines for most of the time) didn't make the Huracan as noticed as it was designed to be.

There was one other reason why the Huracan didn't win the popularity contest, that's because Mr. Kimura took delivery of one other car - the 903HP, Number 276 out of 375, 1.3 million dollar McLaren P1!
Finished in black/purple pearl paint the McLaren was undoubtedly the center of attention.  Not even the bright pink Enzo or the Mirror wrapped Aventador could stand up this hybrid supercar.  But don't get upset at lack of photos of the P1.  Be patient as we already have a photo-shoot scheduled for the 1st week of January.

The photo-shoot is among many others that I am doing with members of the CarGuy group as we are working on project that I will unveil early in new year.

What's involved are cars in cool locations and accent on atmosphere. 

As we drive around and take photos I will post best shots on my Instagram account, so make sure to check it out. Going to locations with such an exclusive group of vehicles makes it a truly special moment for this website.  After many months of hard work and experimenting with different photography techniques and styles, opportunity to work on such project means that my efforts have been paid off in full.  As for this website, in 2015 we will put even more effort in our expansion and world-wide recognition.
Thank you for reading everyone, please check the bonus pictures below don't forget to share, follow, and comment!




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