Toyota Gazoo Racing Festival: The Unexpected SuperCar Guests

A few weeks ago we visited Toyota Gazoo Racing Festival to witness motorsport legends from the worlds largest automobile manufacturer take on Fuji Speedway.

While event did deliver some incredible on-track action, it came short in after market and tuner segment. With it being such an significant component of Japanese car culture it would seem that lots of fans would be going home empty-handed.  This is where the sub-event "Love Cars Exhibition" came in.  The nature of the event was very straight forward:

users, shops, or car clubs bring their rides,

take them on the track in the morning,

and them have them displayed on a parking lot just below main paddock of Fuji Speedway for the rest of the day.  This may not sound too exciting,

but the quality and variety of cars would give organizers of Toyota the run for their money.

Awesome rides such as this Veilside Fortune fitted RX7 sporting dark gray color were present in numbers, and more often than not,

the mods weren't limited to fancy bodywork.  With upgraded cold air intake, remapped timing and upgraded boost, along with modified cooling system geometry this FD can push close to 500 HP.

But if there was one group that could steal entire show it would be the famous "Car Guy" who we already encountered during this year's D1 Exhibition race.

The vast collection of badass supercars can do nothing but turn everyone's head.  From average citizen to die-hard motor-head - everyone appreciates the looks, noise, and power of these incredible machines.

Of course, all these cars took part in the morning Fuji Speedway run which created quite a spectacle,

which was perfectly accompanied by the V12 sound track of 5 Lamborghini Aventadors.

While the Porsche 911 Turbo 964 IMSA edition may not take the eye candy reward, but for those who knows their cars, this is the one to drool about.  Mr Kimura, bright yellow example, one of only 2 in entire world was finally at its most familiar location - proper race track.

Once the car was stationary a closer look clearly makes it visible how the the ISMA edition is different from the ordinary 964.  The car sits a lot lower, while the 2 piece light weight aluminum wheels with wider offset sport more aggressive stance. On the inside the car features a full roll cage with racing harness mount in the area where rear seat used to be.  This is a proper road going race car and is one of Mr. Kimura's most favorite.

His other prized possession is the legendary Ferrari F50.  With only 349units ever made seeing this car being thrown around on the track is a rare sight.

It may be less recognized as pure driver's car than the F40, but aesthetically it is unrivaled.  Just look at these lines and proportions!

Of course "Car Guy" group is more than just one person and each members has their own taste.  Many may question the purple paint and custom LV themed leather interior, but to each their own.

Of course, the owner of this Liberty Walk kitted Murcielago agrees.

As is the owner of this insanely wrapped Aventador LP 720-4 50° Anniversario.

Each of these cars and their owner have a story, and moreover - personality.  We can look at supercars all day, but it's gems like these that make Japanese car culture so unique.  After all, would people be looking at this page if it was limited to cars with factory looks?

It's all about having a good time and enjoying life, something that this group seems to be very good at. 

What I find unique about Japanese supercar owners, is that they never get obsessed with "corporate" colors.  A Lamborghini can be red (as we will see in near future), while Ferrari can be anything they want it to be. They go with their own style and taste making the supercar scene here that much more interesting.

That being said, Lamborghini's take a special place in these kind of events.

Just looking at the appeal of these super-exotics it is hard not to understand why.

For an element of surprise, they also brought in an old Minardi F1 car, and while it wasn't allowed on the track it surely managed to impress everyone with its rev-music.

The group truly manages to turn a car event into a party. 

And on this day they didn't disappoint. After all, who doesn't like a combination of cars, girls, good weather and overall happy atmosphere?

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