Mustangs Invade Cars and Coffee Tokyo!

I guess it's that time of the year again, as we are blessed with calm warm weather, sunshine, and abundance of daylight. As we transition from hot caffè latte's to ice, I thought I would get my Sunday morning one at the Daikanyama T-Site at the usual "morning cruise" meet.

Theme of the day was Ford Mustang - organized by Ford Japan to celebrate car's 50 anniversary and Launch the new model in Japan.

As usual, I got there nice and early and secured my spot right near a big van.  Not being sure why it was there (unless they were delivering old Mustangs as kit cars), I decided to grab a coffee and have a look around.

No matter what the theme is, there is always something for each taste, and on this day, driving a Ferrari F430 Spider, must have been most rewarding.

Representing the European hot hatch department was Renault Megane Sport with sophisticated color scheme. 

At this moment more Mustangs were arriving and I was disrupted by the appearance of this rare 1973 Mach I.

Back to Euro cars, I just have to stop and admire the beautiful shape of the 911with with cup car livery.

From old to new. 964's shape is simply gorgeous. 

or this super clean Elise with list of mods longer than vehicle tax code.  Starting with all carbon body, stripped out racing interior, all the way to reworked Motec engine management system, supercharger and titanium exhaust.

Then my friends from Red K arrived in their one and only Lada 2101.

Ironically, not far from it was this Abarth 500, I say ironically, because I keep recommending the guys from Red K to drop this engine into their Lada.

As always Italian cars were represented by a vast variety of vehicles, each having their own place in history,

but the one that stood out the most was this this glorious and amazingly well maintained Dino 246 GT.

Built in 1969 it laid the foundation for the design language of Ferrari's built today undeniably projecting its significance in entire history of modern automobile industry

As we were approaching late morning hours the view began to change as the parking lot was filled to capacity.

It was time to check all the Mustangs that arrived to celebrate the big day.

Not often we witness a scene like this as JDM car culture is rarely associated with American muscle.

We have certainly provided some exposure on hot-rod and muscle scene in the past, so we all know that muscle cars do exist in Japan, but having them in such central location, with official support of Ford Japan, that was a page from a completely different book.

Since it's Japan, these meets will never be limited to a certain car class, make or model, no matter which occasion it may be.  This Camaro welcomed the Mustangs with wide open arms and congratulated them on the anniversary with the sticker on the door.  Sportsmanship goes a long way in this country.

And there were plenty of Mustangs to be congratulated.  From this limited edition Boss 302,

to the Brands darkest hours, which I can only refer to as Ford POS.  Seeing how this barge floated through parking lot, slowly transferring its massive weight from back to front at each slow down made it seem like Dirty Harry himself was going to step out and ask me whether I felt lucky.

Well, after seeing one of the most gorgeous and clean Mustang GT convertible, I must say that I most certainly did.

Spotting another Mach 1made me feel absolutely ecstatic.

I then saw what I only can describe as the most unusual way to customize a Mustang: make it look like Eclipse from Fast and Furious.  While I am sure it has properly matched underglow, the owner is also quite serious about performance,

As the car received re-worked ignition wiring, intake piping, and strut bar to improve body rigidity.

But it was the face-lifted fifth-generation Mustang that was predominately present at the event.

Owners took the liberty of customizing them to their liking and for various purposes.  The adjustable front lip suggest that this example is seeing plenty of race track,

while this Shelby Mustang GT tries to match the power with unique color scheme.

This example, however was the car of the show.

The Gun Gray metallic with light blue stripes Mustang GT Performance Edition with Shelby and Roush aero is not only eye catching from color perspective,

it definitely attracts attention due to carefully applied JDM style upgrades.

From the menacing look of the high flow exhaust system,

to the 3 piece forged wheels covering the custom painted full Willwood Brake Kit.

And here is the reason for it - the stage 2 supercharger kit from Elederbrock, which enables the car to reach 630HP placing it in the super-car territory.

If there was one car to match, it would be this Steeda Q400 Mustang straight from the SEMA show floor space.

We all know how good V8's sound, but the angry growl of the titanium exhaust on this monster was something special. 

While the 2 sixth generation Mustangs were presented by Ford Japan, they did gather quite a crowd around them.

Most talked about subject: The 2.3L ecoboost engine, and after a quick look I can see what the fuss is all about: Ford engineers did a great job of extracting power from the forged aluminium block.  The twin scroll turbocharger is positioned close to the block to minimize lag, yet it is properly isolated from the heat while materials used in all piping are top notch.  Entire thing has been carefully crafted to keep the temperatures down, and power - up.

On this, I conclude Motorflair coverage of very unique Cars n' Coffee event, please make sure to check out the bonus gallery below, and thank you for following, sharing, and commenting.





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