Track and Show 2015 - The Bimmers

We've seen some awesome rides in this year's Track and Show, but now, for all my fellow BMW fans and owners, I bring you the exclusive collection of customized BMW vehicles from the said show.

This will be a photo gallery type post, without me going into much details; with that said, a picture can say a thousand words, so I will let the camera do most of the talking:

We start with old school BMW's fwaturing proper JDM touch,

Most of them were tuned for track...

Right where they belong, often taking a sideways approach to cornering.

The E46 still remains one of the most popular and sought after "classic" BMW.

 while the V10 in this E63 M6 is one of the best engines ever made.

It is interesting to see how the 6 series has evolved.  While the E63 could hardly be attributed to BMW's successful designs, the F12 is absolutely brilliant. 

But then I stumbled upon this...

The aggressive Advan wheels are perfectly complemented by factory fender fins and after-market side exhaust.  I can't help wonder what that sounds like...

Looking at the staggered setup, I can only re-assure myself about how serious are the Japanese when it comes to fitment.

The F10 5 series is extremely popular in Japan, but with majority of customers utilizing this car as a mere status symbol, seeing a 535i with after market exhaust and set of 20 inch Vossen wheels was an excellent reminder of how good this car actually is.

Of course, there could be no argument about the brilliant M5. 

Having driven the car numerous times, it remains my absolute favorite.  This is the car that pushed me into buying a BMW and I am sure it will keep me loyal to the brand for quite some time. 

That perfect balance of power, performance, looks, practicality and ease of use is an epitome of modern automobile industry.  This car is the benchmark, and while there are some other good cars in the same class, other brands are trying to take a page out of BMW's book, not the other way around.

Many of my fellow petrol-heads simply can't stomach the 5 Series Gran Turismo, but I was willing to give it a benefit of a doubt as I thought that it would look cool when slammed on a proper set of wheels... Well, here it is, looking like a big Prius... ok, I shall move on then...

And I will move on to the brilliant F3x series, and the reason I refer to it as brilliant is that the design of this car is absolutely flawless. Everything from lines, to proportions is executed to perfection and when enthusiasts go to work on them the cars become even more impressive as they manage to put owner's vision to life so well.

What BMW did with the 4 Series coupe is even more impressive.

And what a way to place an Exclamation mark on the design language by releasing the 4 Series Gran Coupe.  It is great to see that tuners and shops are starting to experiment with this car as it can offer  something for everyone.  With no M model planned for 4 Series Gran Coupe, it will be interesting to see what M conversions will look like.

Of course the BMW's ultimate car was always the M3, and with current generation "growing" into M4 it is quickly becoming one of the most sought after currently produced performance cars.

As usual, Japanese release date was lagging the rest of the world by a few months, but unlike the authorities and headquarters the tuners wasted no time. 

This project car belongs to manager of Access Evolution, a garage specializing in tuning and customing imports, specifically BMW's and they are also official distributor of HRE wheels in Japan.

The journey began with the all body wrap in matte cherry red vinyl and an aggressive drop.

The 20 inch HRE wheels was the next logical step, while the original performance exhaust is been fitted as I type this.  There are even more interesting upgrades planned for this car, which I will keep following as development goes along.

On the subject of aggressive drop, I couldn't help noticing the giant wheel gap that the factory suspension setup has generated.  Japanese tuners were quick to eliminate it with aggressive suspension setup and ultimate wheel choices.

While we are on subject of M3's and 4's, this thing rolled in.  To my surprise, this looked remarkably similar to the Liberty Walk E92 M3 I saw at SEMA 2013.

Kato-san's work will never cease to amaze me.

As a proud owner of this generation 3 series, I picked out some of the more interesting examples of the E9x's from the event.

Not a whole lot of Le Mans Blue cars around, but they can look quite impressive if the owner get the wheel choice right (I hope I did)

E90 M3 is one of my most favorite cars ever, and when one rolls in looking like this, I cannot look away.

Sometimes modifications on BMW's are so subtle, the car may even appear as stock to untrained eye, but to a true enthusiast this is a mouth watering sight.

Despite this generation going out of production in 2012 the E9x popularity is undeniable.

With quite a few appearing on used car market at more affordable price levels, more and more enthusiasts pick them up and customize to their liking.

No matter what kind of custom work is done, it always comes down to wheel fitment.

How low can you go?

The example here though, totally blew my mind. 

Fender flair was complemented by F30 look front bumper and custom side skirts,

as well as aggressively fit Work Meister wheels.

Custom tinted Euro tails, diffuser, CSL trunk spoiler and custom exhaust bring the whole badass appeal to a whole new level.

Wonder what these pipes sounds like....

So there we have it, I can only conclude that BMW scene in Japan is as strong as ever,

and with proper JDM touch these cars beautifully transform into a true aspiration of the owner's dreams.

There is no right or wrong when it comes to customizing a BMW, but the way these cars tend to drastically change their entire emotional appeal depending on the parts that the owner chooses to instal just emphasize how much soul and character they have.

On this note I will end this BMW feature and coverage from 2015 Track and Show. Please scroll down for some shots of my own BMW, which I took right after the show, and don't forget to follow, share, and comment.




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