Tokyo Auto Salon 2015: Part 1 The Art Of Form

If there is anything that can describe Japanese society as a whole it is their commitment to routines.  Schedule plays a critical role in this country's success, but for us, automobile fans this means just one thing: beginning of January -- it is that time of year: Tokyo Auto Salon.

While it has been held at same time and location for past 16 years, the routine stops here as each year we are greeted with something beyond ordinary. 
The event has been rapidly expanding with number of visitors surpassing all expectations and floor space expanding beyond usual exhibition halls. 

While we will be visiting the Tuner Legends hall in our next update, this feature is here to cover exhibitors' desire to stand out, to take the visual appeal of their creations to the next level.

With stance movement gaining its popularity, this year's Tokyo Auto Salon was filled with aggressive fitment equipped cars.

Don't get me wrong though, to call it repetitive would be a mistake as the exhibitors chose a vast variety of machines to suit all tastes and preferences.

You can't show off a car these days without a decent set of wheels, and this what the guys at Vossen got covered by taking Japanese market by storm. As last year, Florida based company has been very aggressive in their presentation at Auto Salon.  This year the custom blue colored R35 by Skipper Auto is their demo car of choice.

The concave design of the VFS2 wheels have that unique design that sets Vossen apart from the competition.  While hefty price tags and heavier flow forming cast manufacturing does not make their wheels appeal to everyone, the fan-base in Japan is growing at staggering pace.

The appreciation for Vossen wheels didn't stop at their booth as down the hall I saw their wheels fitted on this new Skyline (AKA Infiniti Q50 across the pond). Aggressive ride height achieved through air suspension setup does a great job enhancing modern and uncompromising look of the new Nissan.  I want one, and I wouldn't have it any other way!

And what a way to salute the culmination of modern American Design as to fit Vossen CVT wheels on a Tesla Model S.  With very limited sales numbers and extraordinary retail price in Japan, seeing tuning house bringing the electric demo car and dropping it on a set of Vossen wheels means nothing but passion and dedication to me.

The show is certainly leaving positive impressions so far I saw such great variety in views and executions.  There is definitely more than one trend that we will be seeing in 2015, but perhaps one car to highlight this would be the Lexus RC.  The luxury coupe was received very well by Japanese tuners and this wide body creation by 326 Power Japan shows just one of many possibilities.

Perhaps one of the reasons that make the RC so popular is how it manages to adopt to to a certain style after a simple of change of cosmetics.  The VIP version here is definitely a step into the unknown that ended up working so well.

Of course none of this would carry such an impact without a bit of fender work, but as with anything, Tokyo Auto Salon takes things to extreme.

As we seen many times however, extremes work so well if done right,

While Rocket Bunny V2 kit may not be the new trend anymore, many workshops picked up the idea and made their own designs.

Even a choice of car becomes second nature if the designers have capabilities to put their vision to work.

Which brings me to this CLA45 AMG with just amazing fender work.  We have talked about rise in popularity of the small four-door coupe from Mercedes, but this is pretty much what perfection looks like.

Wide body perfection goes a long way in Japan, and Nakai-san of RWB has been the one of pioneers. His cars have undeniable sense of presence with many of them having magic done under the bonnet as well, ultimately leading them to participation in Idlers race series. Function goes very well with form in Rauh-Welt universe.

Which, revolutionized into this: the newer 997 has been introduced into fender flaring game and with such great impact.

Of course Nakai-san wasn't destined to have all the fun with the newer vehicle as Kato-san of Liberty Walk has quickly joined the game and made a wide body 997 of his own.  A completely different approach utilizing visible bolt on fenders as opposed to sleek design of RWB, makes a bold statement in blending European modern classics with JDM grass roots principles

Yes, just like last year and two consecutive SEMA shows, Liberty Walk was wasting no time hiding behind the main stage.

They were right in the middle smiling, dancing, cheering the crowd up while proudly displaying their impressive line-up.

It is clear that they are trying different directions in attempt to tackle different markets; from American muscle,

to the newest EU hotness.

But their car of choice will always be a Lamborghini,

and on this occasion, they did not disappoint.  After a knock-out premiere at SEMA 2014,

the Lamborghini Aventador wide body kit was presented at Tokyo Auto Salon.

The striking design with contrasting matte white color made this car stand out from the rest.

Or did it?

Undeniably, the guys at Boomcraft take their wrapping skills to next level. 

With large selection of customers with different tastes, but similar desire to stand out, Boomcraft is known to go beyond any reason and take special pride in showing off all their hard work here at Tokyo Auto Salon.

This is the venue where it all happens!  A customized and wrapped Pagani Zonda? Yes, we have this right here, courtesy of Body Shop Anjia.

And things do not tend to get any less weird around the entire floor space. 

From Gatling gun exhaust,

to the car modified so heavily nobody knows the original chassis.

From the vehicles of unknown purpose...

to what appears to be a slammed pickup-truck...

with no floor!  Why? Because They Can!

And then there is this! Tucked away among tuners and supercars, this LADA has now got air suspension and Work wheels!  I love this little project and will be featuring it later this year!

All in all, this show has something for everyone,

something, I sometimes even fail to comprehend.

But just like with this artistic paint job (yes, this is actual paint, not vinyl), the actual logic behind hours and hours of hard work may be hard to comprehend and may seem lacking common sense to average viewer; yet on the grand scale of things the event itself can be seen as a purpose

After all, wouldn't we describe a group of people with real talent showing the world what are they capable of as an achievement on its own? Which may bring a question to everyone's mind, what about performance? 

As you may have guessed it, there is plenty of that as well, and I will cover it in Part 2.  Until then, please don't forget to check out the bonus images below, comment, share, and follow!






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