BMW's of StanceNation 2015

Japanese love their Bimmers. I have been seeing this over and over again at events, shows, road trips, and even status symbol buyers tend to set themselves apart from typical Lexus or Mercedes owners. 

There is just something magical happening every time you get behind the wheel of your Bavarian beast, start the engine and get moving.  As a BMW owner I can only say that regardless whether I am attacking a canyon road, cruising on a highway or even stuck in traffic I tend to enjoy every single minute of BMW experience.  I guess I was lucky enough to learn this first hand, and although I don't know where the road is going to take me in the future, today I share the passion with proud BMW owners of StanceNation (part 3)

BMW's of all generations have something hidden in their design that make them look so awesome on aftermarket wheels, so without further ado, I put the Bimmers of StanceNation into a chronological order starting with...

this 2002 on these meshed 18 inch wheels

This awesome and cean E30 on OZ Opera wheels was nearby,

You don't see a lot of these, that's fore sure!

And then there was this: the Rocket-Bunnied E36 3 series!

While there are still plenty of E39's around, not too many of them are properly flushed.

E46 continues to be one of the most popular BMW's in this country due to the car's awesome engine choices, timeless design and handling abilities.

By now the E46 M3 has reached the legendary status, and it looks absolutely fantastic on a set of Enkei RS05RR wheels.

It was awesome to see another E46 M3 on a set of distinctive Barramundi wheels.

The demand for a drop top BMW's has always been strong as enthusiasts love to give them a bit of their individual treatment.  This E85 looked modern and aggressive thanks to a proper drop on a set of brand new 20 inch Work Gnosis CV201 wheels.

Things got even more interesting when I came across this E89 with full Varis wide body kit and  19 inch Work Meister wheels.  This is the car that was featured at Tokyo Auto Salon, but apparently guys at Access Evolution are putting together another one.

The E90 crowd was here in full swing as well.

As usual this E91 335i on airbags and M3 replica fenders and bumper attracted most of the attention.

Sometimes, simple is best though....

This E92 M3 was probably my favorite car of the event.  While concentrating mostly on configuring suspension, wheels and tires for ultimate handling and performance the owner did only minimal work on the body leaving the perfect shape of the 4L V8 coupe exactly like it is supposed to be: stock.

F30 crowd were here as well perhaps indicating new direction where BMW tuning is going.

Modern design and absolutely perfect proportions of the latest 3 series allow customizers to choose bolder approaches by utilizing bright colors to emphasize the car's shape and lines.  Hmm... I am beginning to want one.

Overall, such a significant presence of  BMW's at this year's StanceNation can only indicate the brand's success and huge following among Japanese fans.

As the show drew to a close, I joined some of the Bimmers at TatsumiPA for a quick recess and team picture.  Before we conclude the coverage of #StanceNation for this year, there will be one more photo-gallery type post featuring other cool cars that I saw on that day so stay tuned.  




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