Tokyo Auto Salon Part 3: The Bavarian Gang

Tokyo Auto Salon has been evolving into a true international giant of a show.  If only Makuhari Messe facility would be large enough, Auto Salon could give SEMA the run for its money as it is already spilling out into the newly built mega-mall nearby.  But then again, at its current size I simply run out of time before I get to see every single car on display and my feet hurt for entire week as I sort through over 1000 pictures to get these posts published. Before we go any further, please make sure to check out Part 1 and Part 2 of the coverage

BMW JDM Tokyo Auto Salon 2015

As I have been visiting this event on annual basis for quite some time, the trend of increasing popularity of Western imports is overwhelmingly evident. in fact, you don't even need to visit Auto Salon to witness that more and more Japanese give up their Honda's in favor of a German Luxury machines.

BMW JDM Tokyo Auto Salon 2015
BMW's presence on Japanese market has been growing at incredible pace as the Bavarian brand seems to be releasing vehicles that fill the gap in the market with sporty yet practical sedans and coupes that Japan's auto makers are no longer interested in producing.  Having followed the trend and acquired a nice beemer for myself exactly 1 year ago, I simply could not resist publishing this "Tokyo Auto Salon BMW Love" post.

BMW JDM Tokyo Auto Salon 2015
This Z4 is far from the new hotness that was scattered all over the exhibition floor space, but I spotted it as it was sitting on same Rays Homura wheels as mine... for now... As I type this, car is going into the shop to have them replaced for something a bit more.... light   Stay tuned, everyone.

BMW JDM Tokyo Auto Salon 2015
As for new hotness, there were no shortages of the 2015 M3's and M4's as Japanese auto world (including myself)  has seemed have fallen in love with these cars.

BMW JDM Tokyo Auto Salon 2015
After all, while the rest of the world is debating whether a turbo in an M car is appropriate, the Japanese acknowledged the fact that a straight-six turbo engine is a very kind of JDM thing, hence for those who can afford, the choice is a no-brainer.

Japanese BMW custom shop 3D Design wasted no time and got their hands on the pair of new cars in attempt to make them stand out even further.

Individuality to my BMW? Why Not?!

From a variety of different wheels and aerodynamic parts,

to numerous carbon offerings -- 3D Design is a solid brand in Japanese BMW world.  I will definitely pay them a visit to take pictures and to see whether they still have anything for an old E90 lying around.

BMW JDM Tokyo Auto Salon 2015
However, as with my own experience, there is no better way to customize a BMW than to drop it on a set of JDM wheels, and here we can clearly see that Rays got it covered.  Out of numerous brands offering different styles of wheels Rays have established themselves as source of extremely high quality wheels and modern design.

BMW JDM Tokyo Auto Salon 2015
Speaking of designs however, there is no stopping for Japanese tuners aerodynamic parts makers as they are willing to experiment with the new M cars as soon as they go on sale.  Varis wasted no time and developed a whole range of aerodynamic and light weight carbon parts.

BMW JDM Tokyo Auto Salon 2015
While Varis took a more conservative approach with the M4, they went all in with the E89 Z4.  The touring car inspired wide body kit, along with 19 inch Work Meister wheels turn this luxury convertible into one mean looking machine.

BMW JDM Tokyo Auto Salon 2015
But if there was one mean machine to rule them all, that would be the F32 BMW 435i by Liberty Walk.  We've witnessed on many occasions how an extremely zealous crew from a body shop in Nagoya can transform a carThis year they have expanded their variety of styles and approaches, perhaps in attempt to target different markets by enhancing their lineup with the best from German, American, Italian, and Japanese cars.

BMW JDM Tokyo Auto Salon 2015
It may be difficult to beat Liberty Walk in the whole zealotry department, but many companies are attempting to experiment with greater variety of cars.  3D design here got their hands on the compact, yet very popular i3,

BMW JDM Tokyo Auto Salon 2015
While Studie AG decided to experiment with the i8.  The custom matte gray wrap and a set of BBS wheels make this car even more unique.  The matte color does a great job enhancing the shape of the curves while the BBS wheels make it seem more like a car geared towards the enthusiasts, rather than something out of Sci-Fi movie.

BMW JDM Tokyo Auto Salon 2015
From future to something more common.  BMW M235i is a great little vehicle that many people feel is exactly what a BMW should be.  Light weight, very agile and powerful it reminds me of what JDM scene was all about in the 90's.  After all, who would not want a small, but practical sport coupe with inline six and optional LSD? Yes please.  Surprisingly I haven't see that many of them around the floor space as it would make a great project car.

BMW JDM Tokyo Auto Salon 2015
Yet, there were plenty of larger luxury variants that Japanese tuners love to work on.  In that department BMW M6 Gran Coupe is hard to beat.

BMW JDM Tokyo Auto Salon 2015 Carguy D1 Drift
Regardless of the age of the car, there were plenty of E9x's available; from this D1 M3 driven by Takahiro Ueno of Carguy/Vertex team,

BMW JDM Tokyo Auto Salon 2015 stance
to this stanced Runzip Design 335i on WORK Seeker EX wheels.

All in all, BMW's presence in Japan has always been a substantial one and with with introduction of new turbocharged performance, yet very fuel efficient models, it is becoming increasingly evident where preference of Japanese consumer lies.

BMW JDM Tokyo Auto Salon 2015
This event makes me especially proud to be part of Japan's BMW family as I look forward to meeting fellow owners and visiting specialty shops. This concludes our coverage of Tokyo Auto Salon, but we will return to some of the vehicles featured here, one of them: as soon as next update, which will come form HKS premium Day at Fuji Speedway!  Until then, don't forget to share, comment, and follow!



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