BMW Galore at Tokyo Auto Salon 2016

We love our BMW's here and not unlike any BMW's owners across the world we are not afraid to display our affection in public. Before we proceed, please check out my other Tokyo Auto Salon 2016 posts here and here

This is why Tokyo Auto Salon is a perfect venue for all the BMW owners and tuners to display their rides in front of 300000 visitors that frequent the venue on annual basis.

While BMW scene, especially for the newer generation of vehicles in Japan is more about visual enhancements and we do have to dig a little deeper to see some valuable performance upgrades, the visual mods including wheels, wrap jobs, aero upgrades and overall presentation is a sight for sore eyes for any BMW fan.

What I found even more interesting was how quickly some of the most sought after, expensive, and high end cars found their way into hands of the tuners who wasted no time and proceeded to adjust them to their liking.

Perhaps the most controversial of these shops is Energy Motorsport.  They have been producing the most outlandish and in your face kits from long time ago,

but with release of the F models, they taken their game to the next level;

... then took it even further with the "I" series.

The highlight of their stand was this futuristic looking I8

Energy Motorsport has taken a completely different approach with the I8 and gave it a brushed metal look and concentrated their work around creating carbon add-ons to already beautiful shape.

But ultimately it were 21 inch Energy Forged Concave wheels made by BBS measuring 9J in front and 10.5J in the back wrapped in 245 and 285 respectively Pirelli PZero rubber that completed the car.

After receiving my doze of JDM madness, I headed down to BMW booth to have a look at some new M Performance goodies that BMW Japan introduced to local market,

and ended up here... There is no place I'd rather be.

The new M Performance alcantara steering wheel with carbon accents is a must have.

Absolutely gorgeous cabin...

Well, it was time to move on... 3D Design.  Being a huge player on global BMW tuning market, they brought their marketing weapon to show off their set of goodies.

The F82 came with a set of wheels, spoiler and exhaust system among many other parts making this car truly unique.

On the starboard side the car featured the same "Anniversary 01" wheels manufactured by BBS measuring 9.5Jx20 +25 in front and 10.5x20 +35 in the back coated in dark silver metallic.

3D Design have a custom designed forged wheels for all preferences and styles.

The high flow exhaust system is very popular among Japanese tuners.

The diversity of 3D design products was also emphasized by displaying this badass X6M with full custom aero and yet another version of anniversary wheels.

But if you are looking for best example of how 3D design parts are applied with a blend of other upgrades, you need to look no further than the F82 M4 in Rays Wheels Booth.

The car has brought to the event by Auto Styling Shop Dort with Rays proving their brand new Volk Racing G25 Edge wheels,

The new brushing technology reminiscent to the "diamond cut" on my wheels has been added to the G25 series, which has been branded "Edge"

On the M4 the wheels are sized 20 inch 9.5J in front and 10.5J in the rear.

Not much else is known about this car, but Dort advertizes JB4 remap and walk around the car reveals upgrades in all areas

such as Akrapovich exhaust system and full Brembo brake kit.

But there was only one tuner who went full-on with performance enhancements on the M4; similarly to last year, Varis Japan has managed to drop quite a few jaws during this event, including mine.

For anyone hungry for speed, the functional wide body kit with adjustable down force surrounds a massive performance upgrade.  The engine has been upgrade to 600ps with a help of a remap, BMW Performance exhaust manufactured by Akrapovich, and a Loba Motorsport turbine kit.

The handling has been improved by set of Volk Racing ZE40 wheels measuing 19/11J in front and 12J in the rear wearing Advan Neova tires spanning 295 in front and 305mm in rear.  Brakes have been upgraded with AP Brake kit and suspension has been swapped out for full custom Spirit kit.

Moving on to F80 M3, the mods on this car are all about handling and looks.  Aero has been made by Kohlenstoff, wheels by Agio, and suspension by JRZ.  The car was presented by Check Shop, which as some of you remember threw an awesome Track & Show event in the beginning of last year.

But there is more!  Being creative, the guys at Check Shop have fitted a pair Candy Red Pokal GRB 07 Forged wheels to give a car a completely different look.

 Just look at that fitment!

We move over to Rowen, known previously as Tommy Kaira, but instead of making Subaru Legacy's looking like old rally cars, they moved on to European stuff and I think they are doing a pretty good job.

The full body kit looks elegant and at the same time is very sporty and agressive.  Concave wheels are manufactured by Prodrive,

We move over to this, which right now looks like stock M4 with some 3D Design bits, lowered onto a set of 20 inch Volk Racing G25's, but the most insteresting part here is the the logo behind: Garage GForce.  For those familiar with JDM scene or World Time Attack competition, Garage Gforce is a household name and their Evo VII has been on cover of virtually everything. Given their expertise with forced induction and aero dynamics I can only imagine what this F82 will look like in few months time!

Speaking of JDM, BMW's are no strangers to Kei Miura's Rocket Bunny kits and here is one fine example in a form of E36 3 series coupe.

When talking about BMW's we can't forget their sub-brands, and in case of this Mini, Liberty Walk has gone to work on it and created the world's most badass Mini!

 Meanwhile, WALD has take a Rolls Royce Ghost and given us this...

So there we have, quite a few interesting BMW's to talk about.  For me it was undoubtedly Varis F82 that did the trick.  What about you?

On this note we will conclude our coverage of BMW's of Tokyo Auto Salon 2016.  There will be more stuff coming from the event, until then don't forget to check out the bonus gallery below, follow, comment and share!

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