Reuniting with Team BMW Hawaii

Car guys... Sometimes we seem like a strange breed of human being, we have a tremendous capability of putting everything else aside in order to satisfy our automotive crave, no matter how logically unsound it may be.

As such, my recent trip to Hawaii was filled with excitement, from watching my 1 year old daughter enjoy the swimming pool, to going to shoot real firearms with my best friend,

but meeting with fellow BMW owners residing on the Pacific Island triggered a whole different set of emotions.  

The feeling cannot be explained in words so, as usual I let my camera do the talking.

Many may remember my initial encounter with the crew, so upon my return to the island I was happy to reunite with the guys and setup another photo-shoot.
Even though only three cars joined, without a shadow of a doubt they were the ultimate beasts on the island, 

as for location... Oh boy, I don't think I have ever been so privileged to shoot at such beautiful and photogenic part of the world.

After all, Tokyo may have some of the most exclusive and interesting cars in the world and owners do spend a lot of time and money trying to keeping them clean, but surroundings simply do not do the cars any justice.

Well, anyway, enough with the semantics, let's have a look at today's cast of cars.

We start with Chris's BMW E92 M3, which we already had  privilege of encountering during our last visit.

The looks of the car haven't changed as it was still sporting the BR Series Coil-overs from BC Racing ,
Forgestar F14 19 inch wheels,

as well as Arkym front lip

But while I was away the bimmer was transformed into an ultimate torque monster via the addition of ESS Tune VT1-550 supercharger, which now pushes the engine to impressive 460 horse power and and over 474NM of torque.

The blower is keeping power delivery smooth and linear from relatively low RPM range all the way to the 8400 redline.

Meeting Mika was the first time for me and his E92 M3 was perhaps one of the most impressive I've ever seen.

The car has been wrapped by Xerographics in matte version of the Satin Gray Metallic, which is one of the optional BMW colors...

...and dropped on a set of Aristo Collection 20 inch rims measuring 9.5J in front and 11J in the rear.

Tires are 255/30/20 in front and 305/25/20 in the rear

The aggressive drop has been achieved by Air Lift Performance suspension kit.

Aerodynamic parts include Mode Carbon GT4 lip and APR Performance GT250 wing.  Undeniably It is one of the most iconic cars on the island and is known to attract attention of local car enthusiasts.

We began to wonder if Alex's busy schedule was going to allow him to drop by, but eventually it did happen.

Many may recognize these massive white TE37's as they were featured on Alex's previous ride -

the white Euro-JDM E92 M3.

His new possession - Alpine White III F80 M3 is a completely different beast

While 2 additional doors in the back theoretically are supposed to give the M car a bit of a subtle sleeper status,...

...addition of the front 19x9.5 wrapped in 265/35/19 tires...

...and rear 10.5 wrapped in 305/30/19 tires...

...white TE37's with a significant drop via Swift Springs springs erase that sleeper nonsense right away

Just look at this almost dragster like stance!  

With 305 tires and such aggressive offset the rear look is absolutely menacing!

Rubbing is a bit of an issue, but a small price to pay for such incredible visual appeal.

And there is plenty of it.  On top of the M3's amazing factory look the drop has completed the perfectly balanced execution.

The car follows Alex's desire to give true JDM look to his rides and such perfect execution in this amazing location makes this car a true Hawaiian icon.

A quick reminder of what BMW M3 is all about....

It was then time to wrap up the photo-shoot, but the day was far from over.

Later in the day I was invited to the Euro meet at Kapolei Commons - a nice and clean shopping mall with a giant parking lot, located the West side of the island.  How could I say 'no'?

I arrived just in time to greet the BMW crew.

The guys from earlier in the day were joined by a couple of kick-ass 335i's

I have instantly recognized @_RKaori's E90 from dozens of Instagram pictures,

but it was Dionno's E92 that totally blew my mind.

This car is 100% function over form as the black E92 doesn't even have the M Sport visual upgrades.
To untrained eye it may be another grocery getter, but reality is that it can do a lot more than transport malasada's in German comfort.

The complex twin turbo system of the N54 has been swapped for a JPworks single "Precision Twinscroll 6466" turbo kit along with AD Engineering Port Fuel Injection.  The owner was kind enough to mail me an extensive mod list, and I tell you what - it's nothing like I've seen on BMW's before.  From HKS blow off valve to VRSF charge pipe and intercooler, to BMS methanol injection - the car is packed with modern technologies to an extend that it reminded me of Ken's Skyline.  With 700HP being sent to rear wheels it may be a completely different beast, but if I were to make one statement it would be that the quest for power is unanimous across the world.

This concludes our Hawaii Special coverage featuring +Team BMW Hawaii  and the Euro meat. Finally as long time fan of the brand, I unite with my fellow BMW owners from across the pacific to wish BMW a happy 100 anniversary!

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