The Daikoku Calling

Regardless of what people were saying about this winter, it was cold... Too cold for me to drag myself out of my apartment with heated floor onto windy seaside parking area that goes by the name of Daikoku PA just to look at some cars.  These Hawaiian guys got it easy, but I guess all we need is a little patience as with spring months comes nice and calm weather giving us a perfect opportunity to hit Daikoku for first time in so many weeks.

Arriving nice and early I saw a few meets happening already so I grabbed first available spot and switched on my camera, which I am ashamed to admit was collecting dust for few weeks!  Ouch!

As I got out of the car I immediately noticed the vast variety of cars scattered around the lot.

It's good to be back!

First thing to check out - the supercars.

A visit to Daikoku on a Sunday morning would not be complete with at least one Lambo, and like on any other occasion, there were plenty.

But it was the Ferrari that stole the show on this occasion,

Just look at this gorgeous bronze 458 Speciale,

or this brand new 488 GTB!

Plenty of classic examples to.  How often do you see a Ferrari Dino roam the streets as nonchananetly as on this occasion?

Of course classic cars are a common sight in Daikoku on Sunday morning, making this old school Alfa Romeo feel right at home

This VW Karmann Ghia slammed on classic wheels and painted in bright green is in a way emphasizing the magic touch of car customizing that the Japanese tuners have managed to perfect.

And how about a classic 60s Merc with BMX bike on roof top?  Why? Because why not!

And then the boss rolled in!

New was perfectly blending with the old, and...

classics were perfectly blending with their counterparts from across the world.

Soon after, everyone's jaws simply hit the pavement as this perfectly executed Hakosuka GTR replica rolled in.

Perfectly planted on a set of Volk Racing TE37V wheels this 2000GT based project had plenty of character and performance potential.

The S31 is another perfect platform that people love to experiment with.  This example was sporting flared fenders and was slammed on classic Watanabe wheels

And how about this super clean AE86?  I do not recall ever seeing one in silver, but the color does suit the car perfectly as it provides a sophisticated contrast to black lower body while enhancing the simple but effective lines of the classic JDM coupe.

And how is that for a tribute to a lost generation of R31 Skylines?  Or a case of missing identity perhaps.  Either way, if anything this is a perfect example how freedom of expression in Japanese car culture pushes owners and tuners to test the boundaries of conformity.  More please!

There was also a planned R32 meet happening in the parking area with a number of heavily modified R32 Skyline GTR's rolling in.

This 4 Door Gts sporting grandpa style fender mirrors felt some what out of place however.

Presence of the JDM legends was a sight for sore eyes.

This drift spec JZX Mark II was perfectly lowered on a set of Work Emotion wheels,

and arrival of the Rocket Bunny 86 was timed just perfectly.

Then there was this.  Bosozoku are the outlaws of Japanese society, they do everything their own way, such is stopping on green light just to roll through intersection when light changes to red!  When it comes to cars, they simply reinvent bizarre!

Then this happened.

I am not sure what to think about the custom minivan scene, but one thing is for certain, world would be boring without them.

I then went on to look at some BMW's and I found this.  I kid you not, a small person was able to fit inside, but that's about it.

Finally, some real goodies.  This is not your regular white F82 M4, as the white paint on this coupe is an optional, but rather rare color known as Mineral White and is more often applied to higher end luxury models, but it looked SO WELL on the M4, that made me pick up the phone and call the dealer.

Am I for real? Well, decision to stick with BMW has been made a while ago.  I mean just look at this E92 M3, it's badass stance, timeless design and a legendary high revving V8 motor.

The sedan version... Cars don't get better than this, and there is a good reason why I say that.

You see, this is the last photo I take of my 335i in Daikoku as the papers are signed and I am parting ways with he gorgeous Le Mans Blue M Sport.  It should be a sad day, if it wasn't for the replacement, which I will introduce in next update; until then, please check out the bonus gallery below and don't forget to share comment and follow!

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