Because Why Not: More Cool Cars from Daikoku!

As we embarked on a car meet spree in our last update, many may have wondered if there is anything other than BMW's and Porsches....

Well, you can bet any part of your anatomy that there definitely is!

For this update I have picked some awesome cars that made their way to Daikoku for the world to see

Starting with this slant nose Porsche what appears to be 930 turbo

This is my first time that I see this creation and I must admit that there is very little I know or I understand about it.

Attention to detail and craftsmanship though is absolutely second to none!

The car has one of the most menacing appearances I have ever seen, yet it has some clues from the golden era of JDM tuning of the 90's.

The Wangan days were not limited to JDM machines as we have seen with the Black Bird 930 Turbo and it seems that this creation was born around the same time.

Speaking of unicorns, this example is indeed one of a kind, The Koenig Special Competition Evolution Testarossa was perhaps the tuner's answer to Ferrari F40, which was in such high demand that even the richest of the rich couldn't get one.

For them there was this - The 1000 HP, yes thousand!! horse power, in early 90's! twin turbocharged flat-12 monster capable of 370 km/h!

For those seeking exclusivity over speed and power, this 300SL is the answer.  For starters, look how clean and mint it is on the outside

Things were even better on the inside as the interior was preserved in its factory condition for over half century.  What's more, is that the car has only 16000km on the odo!  That's an average of 320km per year! How is this even possible.

Result is that the car must be absolutely priceless right now!

From those seeking modern marvels, how about a Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera?

Or a Ferrari 458 Speciale?

or the rare F430 Scuderia 16M!

Aventador SV? Why not?

In next few months this will be anything but rare as Ferrari Japan is overwhelmed with orders for 488GTB, but for now spotting this in a sea of 458's is a refreshing sight.

Even Corvette owners showed up in limited Z06 edition of C7 Corvette.

Therefore presence of Nissan GTR R35 Nismo was a forgone conclusion.

We end our commentaries with this though... Why? 2 reasons: 1, it's actually a 5L V8 version of the Infiniti FX, which automatically gives it credit for engine growl and middle finger attitude towards country that taxes by engine size; 2 is that it was never sold in Japan! Yet the gray marked is flooded with these proving that the demand for luxury midsize SUV's is strong.  Come on Nissan, sell them already!

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