Return to Cars and Coffee and More Cool BMW's from Daikoku

It's been a while since I visited the Daikanyama T-Site Cars & Coffee event, but few day ago it was exactly what I did.

What I stumbled across was a all out Porsche event with theme set to pre-993 classics
Unfortunately, the organizers did not consider the weather characteristic for this time of year, which to say the least does not blend well with air-cooled Porsche, let alone older cars with no air conditioner.

What we saw however is a vast variety of modern era Porsche's

and bunch of cars that were not part of the "theme" what so ever.  It's Japan though, and nobody is being sent to spectator lot!

Regardless of generation, all Porsche's hold something very special in each and every one of them.

But it did fell extraordinary when we finally heard the pleasant rumble of the air cooled flat-six.

The JDM collection was very interesting this time around, highlighted by this ultra clean FC Savanna RX-7 Convertible

and this R34 still running on stock height.

My jaw instantly dropped when I saw this Ford Sierra Cosworth rumble by,

Then of course there were the exotics.  After all, even at 7 in the morning, this is Japan...

And of course there was this beauty.

At any of these events there would be at least one cool BMW, and this time I was not disappointed.  I just had to walk over and check these beauties out.

The current generation of turbocharged BMW's is not the first time Bavarian manufacturer was toying with exhaust pressure generated forced induction.

I felt a bit nostalgic looking at this 3-series on 19 inch Rays Homura wheels.  Yep, that's how my BMW journey got started.

Of course now there is a big twist in the plot as the M3 represents everything that I've ever asked for in a car and needless to say  I was happy to use the opportunity to take it to Daikoku once again,

and join the like-minded people in quest of automotive nirvana.  Yep, that's how any M owner feels....

You can have your M in any color you want, as long as it's white.

This absolutely gorgeous F80 cauhgt my attention as it was sitting just right on the aggressively offset Volk Racing ZE40 rims.

Seeing that the owner went for the meaty set of Hankook RS3 rubber appropriate for a well built track car.  Choice of brakes resembling proper GT3 car suggests this car can set serious time around Fuji Speedway.

Akrapovich exhaust completed the setup

Many may not fancy the forced induction in the F80 but nobody can argue with its form.

But even with that, the form of E92 is hard to beat.  I often take a view that automotive industry has reached its peak in 2008 and since then declined along with the banks, which happen to be prime investors.

Current cars are by no means bad, but priorities seem to have shifted towards toys, automation, fake sound and fake exhaust tips.

As if the BMW's of last generation were poorly equipped.

All of that being said, we are now in the time frame where there are still plenty of last generation M cars left and enthusiasts get their hands dirty by tuning and modding them to their liking.

Just look at this unique E92 wearing Varis kit and sitting on 20 inch BBS forged wheels!

I will close my comments with this shot:  The V37 Skyline is the car I used to own, but unfortunately it never evolved from its stock form, while the M3 is virtually identical to mine, and while I type it, some changes have already been made.  Stay tuned!




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