It's a Scramble Baby!

New wheels, a wash, and a large cup of iced coffee on Sunday morning could only mean one thing - we are heading to Daikoku.. again!

And boy was this the right thing to do, because we literally got a full house!

This is exactly what it looked like...

With millions of dollars worth of



custom cars,

and the usual stance crew,

This little meet on a sunny July Sunday could give Tokyo Auto Salon the run for its money.

Of course, as any BMW fanboy, I was pleased to spot an M2, but I soon had to abandon my BMW spotter post and go shoot a giant Volkswagen...

Yes, a Bugatti Veyron

with all 16 cylinders, 4 turbos,

and a gigantic retractile spoiler

This was my first opportunity to check out the Veyron up close and personal.

It is truly a car that set the direction for all modern hypercars

Even though we have a replacement on the way and it's just a matter of time before it shows up here at Daikoku, the sense of presence of this car is impossible to match....

Unless you drive a white Ferrari F50 on Forgiato wheels

and gold plaited engine bay... wow!

As for "regular" cars... How about a Pearl orange Aventador SV?

Or a yellow one...

or a red one....

Or how about Mclaren 675LT?

There were no shortage of cars for all tastes and minds.  I was just standing there in amazement trying to take as many pictures as possible so I will just leave this here and let the photos do the talking.


Unknown said...

Thanks for the great pictures. Well done and nice presentation. Got to be proud of your M3!


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