The Bond of Man and a V8

Remember that old meme that says something in the context of "if you park your car and walk away without looking back - you've got a wrong car".

Well, how about "I can't walk away without taking 300 pictures"?

This is the kind of attachment I have to my M3.  Today was just a normal summer day where most people stay in their air conditioned homes with no desire to go out, and here I am running around my car with a camera crouching and snapping around from all possible angles.

Am I crazy? Or I am simply in love.

The thing is that I love everything about this car, starting with the engine, to the feel of that fat bolstered steering wheel and the touch of that fine leather.

 I love the way the car looks in white,

and I love how it sits on these 19 inch TE37 TTA's and rides perfectly on Bilstein B12 shocks

combined with awesome Continental Extreme DW rubber delivering perfect balance of quiet comfortable ride, grip, and response.

I love the LED halo's that I have installed and double slant grille I picked up on Ebay.

And I definitely love.... dat ass!

Apart from the thinning wallet the 4 months of ownership so far were nothing but pure joy as every time I start the car and pull out of the automated lift parking I know this will be a very special day.  But what makes this car so extraordinary?

Back in 2008 when first batch of E90 M3's rolled off the production line engineers weren't aware of the modern classic they have created.  To them it was just another M car packed with technology and a race spec V8 engine they they placed there... well, because they could!

The world was a different place back then; automakers were challenging each other in terms of balance of power, driving pleasure and comfort, and when it came to high performance cars things like fuel economy took the back seat, while government mandated fleet gas mileage was virtually unheard of.

Result is that that era produced cars that will be worshiped for quite some time.  Raw grunt of 6.2L  C63AMG, epic exhaust burbles of the Ferrari block used in Maserati Quatroporte, or high rev symphony of the S65 used in the M3, these moments will undoubtedly go down as highlights of automotive history, and I feel blessed for having an opportunity to own one of these cars.

Even though new generation of cars may seem like the pinnacle of technology as they deliver a lot more power and torque from smaller engines and less fuel, but with disappearance of V8's gone is a certain degree of soul and sex appeal.

I am all for modernization and efficiency as future demands that our growing population is more kind to earth and that we use resources more wisely.

I therefore respect Tesla and support what they are doing to the motor industry as a whole,

but for the love of God, for us few, a minority that is so easy to overlook; pretty please with sugar on top, keep the V8's alive!




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