Slammed Bimmers of StanceNation Japan 2016

Welcome back to our coverage of this year StanceNation Japan G Edition.  Looking back at Part 1, it as well might have contained the largest amount of photographs per post in history of Motorflair, but trust me, that's far from featuring all the stand-out cars of the event.

As promised, in Part 2 we will do the obligatory BMW theme just to see exactly what can creative minds of the Japanese do with Bavarian motor, air air suspension and a set of rims.

Purists, this is your chance to walk away right now.

You have been warned!

Yep, there is a whole new level of attitude that I sensed at this year's Stance Nation when it comes to BMW builds.

And a lot of it was about older model's of BMW's.

While some mods can raise a few eyebrows,

Some were absolutely gorgeous, reprising the best possible bled of classic JDM and German cultures.

This E30 just blew me away.  Wide body kit interacts perfectly with black Watanabe style rims while functional drop ensures performance characteristic of a proper sports car.

This E28 totally blew me away with how well it was sitting on a set of 2 piece Work wheels.  There is something about classic BMW design that allows the car to look modern and badass this day after just moderate upgrades.  BMW cars were always about proportions, and it shows.

Speaking of modern.  This is a full blown E92 M3 with Liberty walk, exactly as we saw at SEMA 3 years ago.

At some point the hood was popped and the heart of the beast was unveiled.

Running a centrifugal supercharger and custom intake this motor was properly tuned for performance to match the looks.

Which brings me to this...

Hmm... Pink covers may be just the thing for next year, who knows, right?

Then I finally made it to these guys!  2 cars done exclusively by Access Evolution Meguro.

The F82 M4 belongs to owner of the store,

it's gone through its second wrap job

and has been fitted with HRE wheels, which Access Evolution are officially distributing in Japan.

The F31 328I MSport wagon is a whole different story, belonging to a faithful customer of Accesss Evolution, ever single square of inch of its appearance has been modified.

Notice the opposite opening bonnet, under which the engine has been treated to a tune, a blow-off valve, and fully custom exhaust system.  Car is also lowered on AirRex suspension kit.

So that's our show, ladies and gentlemen.  Please come back for parts 3 and 4 where I will feature couple of cars in detail and will post a gallery of cars roaming the streets outside the show.  Please scroll down to see  more pictures and check back soon for updates.




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