Streets of StanceNation

So we have looked at hundreds of rides displayed at StanceNation Japan 2016 but even if you take those cars, add about 500 that we didn't feature, it would still be not enough to describe the awesome weekend soaked in exhaust fumes and occasion tire smoke that surrounds this car culture culminating event.

In this post, we will check out some the rides that were cruising around Odaiba or were parked nearby in the "spectator" lots.

Usually we save the best for last, but this time I will waste no time,

because just wow!  Pagani Zonda S by Anija has finally re-appeared after being sold for an amount 3 times the price of an average house and losing its blue wrap in the process

Right behind this was Toyota Aristo modified from ground up to meet owner's vision.

Then there the old school stance guys....

And then this happened.  I don\t think have ever seen a ore bizarre list of mods on a single project, but whatever floats their boat, or lifts their car... or whatever.

By late afternoon the streets were overrun by heavily modified cars as their owners were trying to take the show out to the streets,

which sometimes made it difficult for BMW Group Tokyo Bay customers to test drive their cars.

At certainly it got attention of local law enforcement.

But as soon as lights stopped flashing it was back to business as usual.

Or was it?   Little did I know that there was a supercar event nearby.  Unfortunately, I only found out the next day.  i guess you can't be at two places at the same time.

As I was walking over to the parking lot to grab a replacement battery, there plenty of cars to check out as well.

Some were quite familiar, such as the 350z Mercury Motorsport demo car from Tokyo Auto Salon

This Cadillac XLR is very in Japan, so I was definitely surprised finding one properly slammed.

So there you have it, the cars just kept coming, revving the engines while drivers greeted their friends and onlookers making this event a true culmination of all things on wheels.

Please scroll down for more pictures of cool cars not registered in the event and make sure to check back soon for further updates.




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