Supercars of SEMA 2016

It has been a month since Las Vegas Convention Center has closed its doors and SEMA went for a year-long recess, but Internet is still absorbing all the automotive awesomeness and gives all petrol heads a chance to relive the glory of the greatest custom car show on earth.

Motorflair is proudly presenting a four-part coverage and today we have reached the final chapter: The Supercars! (Part 1 Part 2 Part 3)

To be clear, SEMA show in its nature is all about after market, crazy builds and ingenuity,

and while some European sports cars can definitely adhere to all of these qualities,

most supercars are just here to make potential customers and car nerds salivate profusely.

It's a given that no car enthusiast will just walk by a Ferrari La Ferrari,

And guys at Masscani Wheels clearly figured it out, having a white one being displayed,

with a set of custom 3 piece rims.

for something more race-like, this McLaren P1 GTR should stop everyone in their tracks.

There were plenty of superarcas for all tastes and likes with all sorts of modifications done to them, so I took the liberty of selecting a few that impressed me the most; as for the rest, they were placed into one giant photo gallery below. Make sure to check it out!

We start with this slant nose Porsche 997 displayed at Toyo Tires booth in the South Hall.  To all fans of the Stuttgart brand this was the epitome of everything awesome about Porsche's, their racing legacy and its renowned history. The slant nose designed made its debut in the IMSA GT championship as 935 Turbo and was manufactured by the automaker as an upgrade to existing 930 Turbo models in 1987.

This  modern day 997 is an awesome tribute to those glory days.  Body kit was custom built from ground up by iDL Design USA and Japan's Old & New.  The car was dropped on a set of custom made Rotiform wheels by air suspension kit provided by Airlift.

Nearby, I was pleased to see a couple of classic Porsche's with 277 owned and built by Magnus Walker.

And how can we not mention the presence of RWB's 930 Turbo?

There is always something special at SEMA for Ferrari enthusiasts and insane number of 458's sold can only mean that it became a perfect project/tuner platform.

One such example ended up at Ray's Wheels booth sporting a set of nicely fitted Vok Racing TE37 Ultra's.  Just wow!

For fans of the raging bulls this Lamborghini Huracan 580-2 has been fitted with Vorsteiner Novara Edizone Aero Package, GMG Exhaust system, and custom hydraulic handbrake to do one simple thing: destroy a set of brand new high performance Nitto tires by drifting around parking lot of Lamborghini New Port Beach.... This kind of stuff is just unheard of in Japan...

For fans of everything big this 2016 Brabus G63 AMG 850 6.0 Widestar was quite impressive

The AMG motor has been tuned to produce 838HP allowing to reach 0-60 in supercar quick 4.0 seconds!

Once again, it was Liberty Walk kits that were seen on a number of cars that turned most heads

Some of them we have seen before,

But some... Oh my...

The Liberty Walk wide body kit for McLaren 650S has made its official public debut here at SEMA, with this wine red 650S built by IDL Design USA and Deity Motorsports.

The most interesting part is that there were to total of three Mclaren 650S's with Liberty Walk kits at the show!
The matte purple outside Forgiato was absolutely stunning

While white one appeared more racey with more aggressive body kit and stance.

Liberty Walk cars were scattered across entire show, indicating only one thing: contrary to purists' demands this trend is here to stay.

On this note I am concluding the write-up on supercars and coverage for SEMA 2016.  Please scroll down for more photos of the amazing supercars from the show, check out Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 in case you haven't done so already, and make sure to stay tuned for more exciting automotive coverage from Japan.




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