A Perfect Day for Cars and Coffee

After a long lasting absence from the event I thought it would be a good idea to wake up early and take my M3 to Daikanyama Cars And Coffee.  With crispy December air, a desperate crave for a Starbucks brew and an "everybody's welcome" theme, today my return to the monthly gathering was a must.

Arriving early enough to secure a nice spot I was greeted by familiar faces as well as some new comers.

Here we are, representing the high revving NA ///M division.  How about a little trivia then: the S65 v8 engine found in my M3 was derived from the S85 V10 found in the E60 M5. The block was converted into a V8 with firing order adjust accordingly, and bits like VANOS valve timing, ECU and cooling has been redesigned.  Happy revving...

Well, enough history lessons, let's check out some of the cars!

Right off the bat -- the absolutely epic Lamborghini Diablo!

Exposing its V12 glory!

Not far was this Ferrari 208 GTS Turbo in a pristine show-room like condition

As a matter of fact, there were two of them!

And how about a brand new McLaren 570S which didn't stick around for long as the owner had other plans and the car disappeared fairly early.

Only to be replaced by this growling Porsche 911/930 Turbo.  The car had a selection of tastefully done functional mods such as BBS LM wheels, track tires, roll cage, and a massive exhaust.

Shortly after I stumbled upon the rare in this part of the world BMW Z1!

With only 8000 ever made throughout 3 years of production and most being sold in Europe this was first time for me to see one.  The car was an engineering marvel for its time featuring removable body panels, retractable doors, and

a nice traditional to BMW inline 6 engine.  With 2.5L capacity it produces respectable 168 horse power, and with curb weight of 1250kg, If anything it can give even modern Mazda MX-5 Roadster the run for its money!

Then the heavy hitters arrived.  I really respect the owners of American muscle cars in Japan as they have no choice but to to pay top yen for maintenance, parts, and taxes, and then due to the massive size they can't really go anywhere.

This Chevy Nova SS turned a lot of heads due to its rarity, showroom condition, and massive drag race sized rear tires! Its visual impact was only surpassed by the sound of its engine and brutal exhaust note!

On a very much opposite end of the spectrum we saw three generations of compact Honda's being lined-up together! How cool is that?

Then there were the JDM classics, starting with this Prince Skyline

to this gorgeous four-door Hakosuka Skyline,

Perhaps from old to new.  The glorious 240Z is seen next to MY2017 Nissan R35 GTR

There was even a space for stanced Subaru BRZ!

I really liked some of the contrast among cars that you usually don't see parked next to each other.  To remind you, the car on the right is a Japanese compact - Suzuki Swift Sport, and despite being lowered it looks like a ginormous boat next to the tiny Renault Alpine.

Things were surely getting interesting this Fiat 124 Abarth swung by.  Based on ND Mazda MX5 platform, but with a lively Abarth turbocharged four-pot this car must be a blast to drive.

But then this - the show stopper! The holy grail of unicorns!

This is a 1947 Cisitalia 202 GT, one of 170 ever built and one of the first cars to be designed by legendary Pinin Farina himself (Before changing company name to Pininfarina)!

The car featured revolutionary for its time aerodynamic flowing shape, beautifully sounding engine

and air vents, which the rest of the world is copying to this day!

On this note I will conclude my coverage of what turned out to be a very diverse and exciting car meet; but don't log off just yet as our next destination is Daikoku PA

Please make sure to check the photo gallery below and stay tuned for the next update in few days!




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