Welcome to Motor Fan Festa 2018

I don't always get to go out and shoot events at Fuji Speedway, but when I do, it has to be something special, so needless to say when I was warming up my car at 6AM Sunday Morning, I set the expectations really high. [Part 2]

This was my second time visiting Motor Fan Festa and while the first time ended up being a rainy mess, this time around, I was in for a treat.

Despite the rain the event back in 2016 was generally a success and managed to pick a few sponsors and co-hosts to organize various owners meets with usual photo-ops and a bit of track time.

As a matter of fact, when first started making this post, I thought I could cram everything into a single entry, but the more pictures I processed, the sooner I began to realize that this event deserves multiple posts,

In this part one will feature the cars from the paddock,

while part 2 features supercars,

and we will conclude with part 3 picking out some Liberty Walk creations.

To be honest, there were SO MANY cars, that I could have easily divided, part 1 into 2 separate entries, but scheduling is unfortunately not my ally, so we'll have to try with just one.

And while there were plenty of cool BMW's there was SO MUCH going on that I'll have to talk about them in a different post.

On top of that pretty much all the Bimmers from Motor Fan Festa turned up the previous day at Af Imp Super Festival, so there will be a separate post covering BMW's from both events.

The BMW's that I will mention here are the new F90 M5 presented by BMW Japan,

legendary 3.0CSL,

and the M1 Procar championship race version,

both of which were presented by BINGO Sports, and even saw a few minutes of track time during carefully executed parade run at very moderate speed

Which could not be said about the other group of cars...

It started with Ferrari F40 LM

and ultra rare 288GTO Evoluzione doing some laps,

after which the F40 was swapped with a Pagani Zonda RevoluciĆ³n!

At that moment Nobuteru Taniguchi, who was behind the wheel of the 288 Evo,  realized that he won'be able to keep up, ditched the classic and climbed behind the wheel of Ferrari F1/87 Formula One Race Car.

If you are curious about shit getting real, look no further, because it was all unfolding right in front of our eyes!

The parade laps soon turned into hot laps, where some slower cars had hard time getting out of the way.  I am sure the organizers haven't planned for this, but the crowd loved it.

Interesting enough, the engine used back then was the 1.6L V6 turbo, which resembles modern F1 cars.  If history repeats itself we should see see V12's returning to F1 in no time.

While the Pagani is a whole different beast.  Horacio Pagani's pursuit of perfection cannot be disputed.  Otherwise how could anybody explain NASA type research facility being setup at the San Cesario sul Panaro headquarters developing space age materials with only one purpose: make insanely fast cars go even faster.

Zonda RevoluciĆ³n takes things to next level as it beefs up the AMG V12 to whooping 800HP while light weight carbon-titanium monocoque is only 1070 kg.  Further updates include new sequential gearbox, adaptive traction control, and adjustable aerodynamics with drag control.  Only  5 were ever built, and here is one being hooned around the track.  Not a bad day out I guess.

We must now exit the space-age mode and return to earth, where a whole collection of cars at the paddock event was awaiting.

Again, great variety of cars, as we saw European,


and American cars being thrown in together.

Each car had its own story and was built to perfection.

It was awesome to see Garage Revolver Supra again, and I couldn't have asked for a better spot to take a few shots:

 Unfortunately I could not locate the owner, so this time we are limited to just aestetics of the car,

We took a peek of what was under the hood during Tokyo Auto Salon, and found out it was as exciting on the inside as it is on the outside.

 To me personally this is the epitome of what Japanese custom car world has become.

 An excellent platform,

 combined with style, creativity and amazing engineering

On top of that constantly evolving market of parts and options keeps people busy as they try building absolute perfections.

I hope that this trend is here to stay,

On this I will conclude Part 1 of the Motor Fan Festa coverage, but check back soon for Part 2 and make sure to scroll down for more pictures from the event.




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