Motor Fan Festa: The Supercars

Now that we got the taste of what Motor Fan Festa is about, I will now concentrate on sub-events that took place on that day.  We kick off with super-car owners meet organized by Auto Plaza DANK and  Power-craft at the B Paddock.

While most cars are stock, or with minor modifications, the sheer number and variety of these cars left a long lasting impression.

On top of that they were given a hefty time slot on the track to have their parade laps, which looked more like hot laps.

Let's just say that these machines sounded as good as they looked.

If not better!

After their session was over, I took my sweet time to appreciate some of the machines,

and eventually spotted a few rarities, such as this road legal 458 Challenge, which is practically a race car with a license plate.

It was also great to see the F460 by IdingPower Again.  Our first encounter was back in 2014 and left quite an impression.

While Ferrari F40 is a true all time classic and indeed very rare car, there total of 7 at this event, and most in different variants,  yes, very amazing indeed, but there were seven, just on that day,

but this car, there was just one, and as far as I know, this is the only one in entire country.  Before me was 2009 Spyker C8 Laviolette

Ever since seeing the review on Top Gear for the first time I was absolutely mesmerized by this automotive masterpiece from the Netherlands.

Every single bit of this car looks bespoke, and what makes it even more unique in today's automotive world is this car was made before carbon fiber was the item of luxury, and brushed aluminium was the perfect material to blend sportiness and good taste.

Before matte silver painted plastic made its way onto the steering wheels of Nissans and Fords, aluminium was the metal of choice for luxury sports cars.  The perfect blend of shiny aluminium and soft beige leather is just pure class, which you just don't see anymore.

Looking at the exposed Audi 4.2L V8 engine,

exposed gear linkage, I can't help but compare this car to a luxury Swiss watch where parts of movement purposely visible.

The engineers took pride in building this machine, just like watchmakers take pride in their creations.

And definitely Spyker engineers took pride in their heritage, because long before sports cars were cool, Spyker was making fighter airplanes,

Homage to the glorious history can be seen on different bits such as wheels and filler caps.

Only very small amount was manufactured, and I am aware of only of one -- well this very car, that made its way to Japan.

Spyker C8 is not a big car, but its proportions are perfect.

The car's striking design and ofcourse rarity will make it one of the most sought after classics in the future.

In the land where wealthy individuals tend to customize their Lamborghini's just to stand out of the crowd of other Lamborghini's owning a car like Spyker C8 is definitely making a statement and Iapplaud the owner for doing this.

So there we have it, this sub-event of Motor Fan Festa was all about high performance car owners having a great day out while giving all the bystanders something to be excited about.




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