Honda Introduces New GT500 NSX Race Car

Honda is set to replace the HSV-10 GT car for 2014 season of Super GT. To match the upcoming regulations change, the new NSX Racing concept is powered by a 2L turbo combined with "racing hybrid system", delivering over 500 hp.

Whether it will utilize the 3 motor hybrid system in the road car NSX concept remains to be seen.
As seen in the pictures the NSX Racing concept resembles the road car concept very closely.  It will be very interesting to witness the developments of both cars in the near future. 

Undoubtedly the upcoming 2013 Tokyo Motor Show will reveal a lot more details, which I will cover on this site.

Furthermore, Toyota has revealed their car for GT500 based on 2015 Lexus LF-CC while Nissan, unsurprisingly showed off their GT500 racer based on Nissan R35 GTR.
The specs of the two machines are also based on the upcoming regulations, meaning that they will be sharing the same monocoque body and powered by 2L Turbo engines, but it is unknown whether any hybrid systems will be utilized.

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