When Everything Rotary Comes Together: Japan's Largest RX-7 Gathering

Japan's contribution to global automotive history cannot be doubted.  So many iconic cars were made here that it's even impossible to name them all, but there are several that keep entire world on its toes and their owners proud.  Mazda RX7 is one of them.
Even though production ended in 2002, the popularity of the front engine rear wheel drive light weight sports coupe powered by rotary engine has never seised. 

Regardless of the fact that not a single one has rolled off the production line in 11 years, after-market develompent for this car seems to be growing.

As there seems to be no end to the imagination of the Japanese owners.

As the custom options for this car never seem to end.

From a luxurious looking purple
To futuristic super-car look.

To something I cannot even describe.

But when it comes to customizing this car, it' never just about the looks.

Some of these cars like the well known D1GP Street Legal spec RE Amemiya RX-7 can be tuned to excess of 500 horse power.

With which this happy RX-8 owner was happy to play around on a track day.

While sporting a massive off-set and very interesting graffiti-like vynil design.

As above, RX-8 owners weren't left out, proudly diplaying their high revving 4 door coupes

As you can see the turnout was amazing, to such extend that ordinary drivers stopping for a coffee break at Daikoku PA started complaining that there is was no parking space left!

I just hope that this event send a clear message to Mazda to wake up and revive the RX-7! With a Wankel Engine, of course.

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