In Pictures: 2013 Audi R8 V8

Audi R8 has been around for almost five years, It's instantly recognizable by its futuristic form, aggressive lines, and iconic sideblade.  In 2012 the R8 went through pretty aggressive refresh which updated the model with 7 speed S tronic DSG transmission, changed the headlight design, utilized LED bulbs, and modified intake and front grille design among many other things.

This particular R8 caught my eye in the local dealership as I was passing by. Unfortunately they didn't have one for test drive so I will just try to go over some visual details of this car.

This car comes with optional Samoa Orange Metallic paint, which is available in Japan for no extra charge. 

It also comes with optional carbon fiber sideblade,

as well as beautiful 19 inch  5-arm double-spoke aluminum alloy wheels with cross-drilled brake rotors behind.  Personally, I would probably pick the black wheels with black styling package for this body color, but the brushed aluminum effect looks great also.

Perhaps the most notable feature of this car is the Audi Exclusive interior package with light brown fine napa leather and matching interior accents that almost make this car feel like a luxury GT coupe rather than a true sports car.

It even comes with some space in the front resembling a trunk

A look around the cabin reveals how refined this car is.  All materials are top quality and pleasant to touch and look at.  Seating position is absolutely perfect and visibility is pretty good. 
Steering wheel is made from top quality leather with large aluminum paddle shifters for the DSG S Tronic transmission positioned perfectly right behind and for an easy reach.

The magnificent dual clutch transmission is getting great reviews and has been utilized in most vehicles in Audi and VW lineup. In 2012 it made its way to the entire R8 range.

The transmission is paired with this high revving 4.2L V8, producing 430hp and 430Nm of torque.  With these components at heart the car can be propelled from 0 to 100kph in 4.6 seconds, and can reach 301kph.
Maybe not as powerful as the 5.2 V10 it is still very potent and pleasant across entire RPM range.  

Regardless of the engine size however, I believe this car is very special.  It combines features of Italian styling and finesse with undeniable quality of German engineering.  In Japan however sales are not that great as pure motoring enthusiasts have set their eyes on Porsche, but it does not make Audi a bad car.  On the contrary, Audi R8 owners across Japan are enjoying the exclusivity and high resale value.

Audi R8 V8 w/ S Tronic is available from Audi Japan for 17,999,000 Yen.
This model was provided by Audi Roppongi dealership.
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